3 Reasons to Experience the New Ford Roush Mustang in Rochester NY  

Don’t blink; or you’ll miss the exclusive 2017 new Ford ROUSH Mustang in Rochester NY. As the ultimate in American muscle, the new Ford ROUSH Mustang in Rochester represents the perfect combination of raw power, superior braking capabilities, and meticulous handling. This vehicle was uniquely engineered to provide drivers with access to the performance and aggressive attitude of a high-speed performance car. Best of all, the new 2017 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang offers all of this while delivering a comfortable and distinctively “ROUSH” driving experience at every turn. Read on to learn five reasons you should explore the new Ford ROUSH Mustang in Rochester NY.

Unbridled, Unparalleled Horsepower

While all manufacturers strive to achieve the coveted accolade of being “Best-in-Class”, the state-of-the-art Ford ROUSH muscle car is truly in a class of its own. Built with world-class handling and Detroit-born grit, it features a gravity-defying ROUSHcharged V8 5.0L monster under the hood that effortlessly pumps out a blistering 670 HP — thanks to the R2300 ROUSH Performance TVS Supercharger. As you can imagine, it delivers more horsepower per liter than any other American muscle vehicle on the market. So much so, a ten-second quarter-mile time is more than a possibility: it can be your reality.

Fine-Tuned Sounds of Excellence

Under the hood, the new Ford ROUSH Mustang hosts a symphony of powerful melodies at every gear shift. You can hear and feel the Stage 3’s power methodically pulsing through the ROUSH Active Exhaust System. With this game-changing system, you’ll have full control over the tone and volume from the Quad-Tip stainless steel performance exhaust. You can easily choose your driving mode:

  • The “touring” mode offers a more subtle driving experience
  • The “sport” mode offers a more dynamic experience
  • The “track” mode means you’re ready to open things up

In addition, you’ll have the option to customize your “custom” mode by programing dynamic profiles with a seemingly infinite amount of sound possibilities directly from your smartphone or other mobile device.

Track-Bred Handling

Embodied by the legendary legacy of ROUSH Performance racing heritage, the new Ford ROUSH Mustang in Rochester NY offers precise and responsive handling — to say the least. It comes standard with a single adjustable coil-over suspension that allows you to take full advantage of the Mustang’s independent rear suspension. If you’re looking to truly dominate the road and wield even more command over your ride, opting for the ROUSH TrackPak three-way adjustable coilover suspension will meet your needs and exceed all expectations. This iconic suspension system has been custom-tuned by Jack Roush Jr. — a World Challenge professional driver. With the ROUSH TrackPack three-way adjustable coilover suspension, you’ll achieve a staggering 1.07g skid-pad performance.