4 Simple Ways to Propose to Your Special Someone

Planning on proposal to the special someone in your life who you’ve been dating? This is a huge occasion and one that should be planned with lots of thought and consideration to what she or he likes and enjoys. To get your planning started, first purchase a beautiful Diamond Solitaire rings, and then consider these unique ways to pop the question!

A Proposal in a Unique Destination

If you’ve got the funds, consider heading off to a special destination where you two can be alone. This could be a weekend getaway “up north,” or it could be a long trip to Europe or Asia. Depending on where you go, pick one night while you are away to set the mood and get ready for your proposal. You might take a drive up to a romantic lookout in the evening, or maybe you can pop the question when you wake up on the first morning of your getaway.

A Proposal in a Favorite Spot

Do you two have a favorite spot where you like to go to spend time together? It could be a public place like a park or a special bench. It could even be a bar or a restaurant. If you prefer things to be more secluded and personal, consider going to a special lookout or a place by the water. Of course, if you’re the man and you’re a rather traditional couple, bend down on one knee, and reach up to her with your Diamond solitaire in a velvet covered box. It will certainly be a moment that you two won’t be able to forget.

A Proposal Under the Stars

If a destination proposal is not in your future or if you don’t happen to have a favorite spot, consider an evening proposal under the stars — something everyone can get on board with. Pick a clear night, go to a pleasant, private place where you can see the stars, and ask the love of your life to be with you forever at that very special moment.

A Proposal … in Her Dessert!

Lastly, consider proposing to your significant other by slipping the Diamond Solitaire you’ve purchased for her into her favorite dessert. Of course, you’ll need to be careful that she doesn’t swallow it or bite down onto it (consider telling her to eat slowly with a wink and a nod). This little surprise can be done by yourself, or you can ask your waiter to slip it in at your favorite restaurant.

Making the Proposal Special — and Yours

No matter what you do or how you choose to do it, the proposal you choose for your special someone should be yours. Some people will find that they want a simple, straightforward proposal, and of course, that’s fine. Others will be more entranced with the idea of a unique proposal that you can look back on and savor. Just be sure to make it special — and make it yours!