Advantages of purchasing refurbished defibrillators

It’s a surprise to many people who find out that it’s possible to purchase refurbished medical equipment. For so long people have believed that lifesaving equipment should be new when being purchased. This is due to lack of a proper understanding of the advantages that come with such refurbished equipment. Investing in refurbished defibrillators helps in maximizing equipment budgets while minimizing the impact you pose to the environment. You get to achieve all that without sacrificing your safety or the equipment’s effectiveness to your operations. The following are detailed reasons why you should consider purchasing one.

Cheap to purchase
They are very cheap and cost half the price of new ones. Their low price is good for schools, local businesses and small medical practices which have a low equipment budget but still aim to offer safety that comes with this piece of equipment to their practitioners and employees.

Practices with low budgets are also afforded an opportunity to acquire high end automated external defibrillators that they wouldn’t afford while new. They can own AEDs with fully automated functions, carrying cases and free cabinets that wouldn’t be found in a bare-bones model.

They perform the same functions as new ones
These refurbished defibrillators undergo rigorous tests and full physical and software upgrades before being put up for sale to the public making them dependable, reliable and effective. These machines are mostly traded for newer models and haven’t been used for emergency situations making them almost as good as new. They are tested to ensure they function in the right way and equipped with new batteries and electrodes. They are also checked to ensure that they are correctly calibrated before packaging and are good to go right out of the box. An extended one year warranty is also offered to guarantee the equipment’s efficiency and battery life for longer than just a few weeks.

They are a green choice
Defibrillators are complex equipment that are quite expensive to manufacture. In addition to huge amounts of money and a countless number of hours, the manufacturers expend numerous amounts of nature’s resources in the manufacturing process. Water, fossil fuels and other natural resources such as minerals are used to make the plastic housings, batteries used to power the machine and electrodes placed on patients’ chests.

To reduce the impact caused to the environment, more people should purchase refurbished defibrillators that represent a green alternative as they have been restored to working state without using valuable environmental resources.

Why spend more on a machine when you can get it at half the price? A refurbished defibrillator will serve you the same way a new one would and with regular maintenance checks it will stay in a good working order for so long.