Best Rental Cars for Trip to Amsterdam

 Amsterdam is one of the most exciting cities in the Netherlands and Europe. People on a business trip or vacation can optimize their experience through car rental in Amsterdam.

It is a diverse city with a perfect blend of modernization and ancient civilizations. Therefore, while on a business trip or vacation with family or friends, it is highly advisable to drive around in a rental car as opposed to taking a taxi. When using taxis, stopovers mean more charges and therefore making the experience more expensive. While choosing a car rental in Amsterdam, one must consider various factors such as space in the car, fuel consumption, as well as comfort.

Economy car rentals

An economy car is ideal for a couple, friends or a family of four or less traveling in Amsterdam. This car type is relatively small, and this is good considering a small group hypothetically do not be having much luggage. An economy car saves a lot of money from its efficient fuel consumption and therefore, it is highly recommended for a shorter period consumption. As the name suggests, economy car is for travelers on a lower budget who are willing to compromise the space as well as the car-size to travel around Amsterdam. You can rent Toyota Yaris, Citroen C3, Mitsubishi Space Star, etc.

Compact car rentals

A compact car is another alternative particularly for a family with relatively bigger luggage and looking for comfort. Sometimes traveling in a beautiful city like Amsterdam requires a more comfortable car as compared to economy car, but still saves fuel. A compact car that is suitable for renting in Amsterdam includes Mazda 3, Toyota Auris, Peugeot 308, etc.

Midsize car rentals

If the traveling group consists of a more significant number of friends, then a midsize car is ideal since it has bigger space and it is relatively comfortable. The luggage factor is a crucial in this case, especially for a group of people. Midsize cars that can be rented in Amsterdam include Volkswagen Passat, Opel Insignia, Kia Carens, etc.

SUV rentals

In a scenario where a group of friends or a family wants a comfortable and a luxurious car, SUV is the best option. Traveling around wintertime requires a vehicle that is 4WD for better mobility without compromising comfort. Some of the available SUV for rent in Amsterdam include Suzuki Vitara, BMW X1, Land Rover Discovery, etc.

Van rentals

Renting a van can be a wise alternative if the space for luggage is highly needed. A van has the largest space area among all the cars available for hire in the city. The van can also accommodate more people and therefore ideal for a more significant group of people. You can rent the following vans in Amsterdam: Seat Alhambra, Volkswagen Sharan, Opel Vivaro, etc.

Luxury car rentals

In case you want to drive a luxurious car in Amsterdam, then a car like Mercedes is the best option. Mercedes C-class, for instance, offers the person an exotic kind of luxury as they travel in Amsterdam with comfort. The other example of an exotic car that is available for rent in Amsterdam is Jaguar.

In conclusion, it is essential to know and adhere to the car rental conditions and policies in the Netherlands. This includes providing authentic identification documents. When hiring a car, it is essential to plan your trip and rental and if the trip is arranged on a hot season, a booking three months in advance is cheaper and convenient. It is worth noting that most car rental companies accept credit cards as a mode of payment.