Blue Blocker Magic Be Told: A Metaphysical Connection Exists

Something absolutely unworldly happened to me and my boyfriend last night. We were lying on the couch after work, perhaps a little more excited than normal because it was the first day where the sun was actually shining through the incessantly grey clouds and the temperature made up to stable, double digits, when something magical fornicated. It’s almost difficult to put it into words because we didn’t have to iterate a single word to feel the connection that was occurring. Do you believe in a past life and soulmates? I am for certain that what occurred yesterday was not a fluke but by design of the universe. There was no reason to speak since a cosmic relationship was shown through by a telepathic communication that was foreign to us both.

A Metaphysical Connection

You need to take off those skeptical blue blockers for a second, even if the sun is finally showing signs of staying here for good. I did some research to help me explain and understand this odd yet beautiful happening that caused our hearts and chest to tingle up with heat and pure love. I found limited online sources that could help explain this metaphysical connection of flaming twin souls. Some sources were talking about love vibrations while others evoked the note that the strong links we feel for marriage in this lifetime are often as a result of the past relationships we have undergone from another life. We are all reincarnated into this life after having spiritual developments and evolutions, where it is then decided to that the two souls will manifest in either a female or male physical being. However, it is eminent that the soul does not have no gender, and this is truthful with or without the peeking through of blue blockers.

Understanding the Twin Soul versus Soulmate

Upon my research, I came across the term of twin soul. This one may be more familiar and widespread amongst best friends, family members and even your loving cat or dog. While the soulmate division was built on previous experiences that harboured mental and physical attractions, the twin souls are justified as sharing two common purposes in life that may never have been intertwined in a previous marriage.

What are your thoughts and ideals considering the concepts of soulmates in this world?