Certification and norms to become a doula

Since the profession or work of the doula is a work, which cannot be carried by everyone. The work of a doula is very much tough and also carries some risk, as this work have Steak of two lives that is mother and child. The Doula has to care about both mother and child. For this responsible job, one has to take some certification. The certification to become a doula includes some educational steps. That is the course to become a doula is also not very easy nowadays. It includes the various steps which are numbered from 1 to 9.

Various steps to become a doula:

Various steps to get a doula certification include various steps which are to be followed by a person who wants to go into this profession. The steps are in listed below respectively.

  • Step 1: the first step says that to become a doula, one should have proper confident nature to save someone’s life.
  • Step 2: the second step includes filling of online application forms for the training or course of a doula.
  • Step3: admission and payments are done in the third step.
  • Step 4: then the receiving of step-by-step knowledge of childbirth is done.
  • Step 5: practising of childbirth and Demos are given to the candidate, and then certification email is received.
  • Step 6: after getting the training one can save the lives of mother and child.

Emotional factors during the job

This job includes many emotional factors. Because some time due to some complications some lives may not be saved. The main other factors which one has to face are as follows.

  1. A doula should have hospitality
  2. The one who is in this job should make his heart strong.
  3. A positive attitude towards the patient is very much important in this job.


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