How to deal with a class that you hate completely

Is your class make you bored? Actually, you might feel many classes you do not like last so long that you need something to end up your life as a way to get out of that terrible space.

In case what you need is how to survive and escape the classes you hate without getting any scathe, the following tips will surely help you much.

v The catchphrase

Conventionally, most of the teachers will repeat and weird a catchphrase or one word at the end of each sentence they say. A good way to kill your boring time and keep you awake in this case here is to count the number of times the word you hear repeated. By this way, you might remember some parts of that lecture if you pay enough attention.

v Fake attention

This way is commonly used by most of the students. By this way, you can do anything but studying. All you need to do is to look into the eyes of your teacher sincerely and earnestly at certain times. It will appear that you are paying your attention to the class. This might be also a great way to improve your acting skill.

v Game

This might be said as the best way to enjoy your time in your boring class (if you have a phone). There is a wide variety of unblocked games for kids as well as adults to help to kill the time. However, making sure that your phone is covered perfectly with the book to avoid the attention of your teacher, no matter how attractive the strike force heroes 2 unblocked game can be.

v Be a creative designer

Closing one of your eyes and hold it up to the teacher or friends; then give them an eye patch or a parrot, and even wear them a funny hat. Just uploading it onto Instagram and waiting for your result.

v Music

In your boring class, listening to music is a good way to make it far away. You can cover your earbuds by putting it through the sleeve.