How To Take Icyplex By Avoiding Any Potential Side Effects

People often take Icyplex injections to achieve weight loss. It has been developed by Axio Labs for the purpose of burning fats, as it is a thermogenic stimulant. It can be injected where there is fat present in the body. This drug over the years has become much popular with bodybuilders however users must be aware about its proper usage so that no side effects may appear with this powerful stimulant.

What is Icyplex?

Icyplex has got chemical blend of Yohimbine and Clenbuterol. Both these drugs are well known for their influence in reducing weight and improving performance. Yohimbine is produced from the extract of African Yohimbe tree. Its main use is for the treatment for male impotency like erectile dysfunction and increasing male virility. In addition to that it is also popular for its weight loss effect.

Clenbuterol is already quite popular with sports fraternity and is mostly used to stimulate growth and improving athletic performance. It is also known for creating number of controversies in sports circle. Mostly this drug is consumed by the patients of asthma or those suffering from breathing issues. Recently people recognize Clenbuterol as effective weight loss supplement. However there is no research data available that can either prove or disprove this claim.

How to use Icyplex?

While taking injection of Icyplex, it is advised that users must maintain very sterile environment as much as possible. The person who is going to give injection must wash his hands thoroughly. Needle, injection and any other equipment must be thoroughly sterilized. The area where injection has to be given must be cleaned by using alcohol. Prefer to use fresh needle for injection. Prefer not to use any old needle even if it is sterilized, because sometime bacteria may remain in the old used needle.

Initial dosage of Icyplex should be 0.5 ml to be injected directly in the area where fat deposit need to be reduced during morning. Never exceed the dosage more than 2 ml in a day. It is very important to maintain lower doses in the beginning otherwise the drug gets acclimated by the receptor and its effectiveness is totally lost.

There is a similar drug available in oral form, which is known as CYX3, where along with the combination of Clenbuterol and Yohimbline another hormone T3 is also blended, that can stimulate very rapid weight loss. However with this drug there is a chance of irregular heartbeat, anxiety and trembling limbs.