In-Home Care & Assisted Living

Both assisted living and in-home care offer the benefit of more independence than a skilled facility. They’re also intended for those with less serious health problems but who still require some assistance.

  1. Surrounded by Loved Ones

With in-home care, you’re loved ones are able to visit you whenever for as long as they want. It’s especially beneficial if you have loved ones nearby. 

  1.  More Independence

While assisted living facilities strive to give residents independence, you’re still surrounded by the staff 24/7. You don’t have access to the kitchen, laundry room and living room whenever you want. You also have a bedtime in an assisted living facility. When you opt for in-home care, you have access to all area of your home when you want. You don’t have a staff hovering over you all day every day. You choose the hours you want an aide to come into your home. You don’t have to deal with somebody telling you when bedtime is. 

  1. One-on-One Care

Going to a facility for assisted living in Trumbull CT does mean you have access to the staff all days of the week and all hours of the day and night. However, you don’t always get the assistance you need when you want it. The aides have other residents to address the needs and concerns of, so you oftentimes have to wait. When aides have so many residents, they don’t always have time to talk with you and make every interaction personal. With in-home care, you get one-on-one care. The aide will interact with you on a personal level all of the time because he or she has enough time to spend with you without the worry of other residences.  

  1. More Access to Outside

When you’re in an assisted living facility, you’re not able to leave whenever you want. You’re confined to the residence until a family member or staff member comes in to take you somewhere. When you opt for in-home care, you can go outside when you want, and your aide will make sure you stay while you’re outside. Your family or friends may come whenever to take you places.  

  1. Comfort

There truly is no place like home. While you can call your bedroom in an assisted living facility yours, it’s not the same as where you’ve lived for so many years. If you move in a facility, it takes you awhile to adjust and feel like it’s yours. However, with in-home care, you get the benefit of living in a place that’s yours. You’ll have that comfort level and won’t have to endure the transitional phase of getting acquainted to a new place. This relieves a great deal of stress.