Intermodal Transport And The Trucking Industry: Getting Goods Across Land And Water

It is a widely known fact that commercial trucks present the most effective way of moving goods from one place to another. Though, it’s success also depends on a number of things like distance. Irrespective of the success witnessed by trucks it has many limitations. Which is why an intermodal transport provides a better option. Even if the goods need to be transported to far distance destination, an intermodal service can make it possible with fewer hassles.

Truck drivers spend a considerable large amount of time on the road while trying to transport goods. There is also a limit to how these individuals can push themselves. They are unlikely to get to their destination on time if there is a deadline to meet. All these disadvantages necessitated the need for another mode of transportation. Using an intermodal means of transportation, goods can be easily transported faster and farther.

Intermodal transportation can be described as the process of moving goods from one place to another. That is from truck to train or ship, and from ship or train to truck. This type of transportation becomes expedient if the goods in question are perishable items. It is also useful in conveying products that are in high demand and needs to get to their destination on time. Different business entities make use of intermodal transport to move goods across farther distances. Commercial trucks have a limit to where they can travel but with intermodal transportation, your goods will arrive at its destination on time and safe.

Since trucking remains the most popular form of transportation in the world today, intermodal transport seeks to complement it. Businesses can profit from this unique means of transportation of goods because it uses more than one type of transfer. Therefore, goods are transferred to their destination on time and profits equally maximized.

Intermodal transport also makes use of piggybacking which basically involves carrying a vehicle or vessel over another bigger one. In fact, more than one vehicle or vessel can be carried over another. A good example of this is the naval aircraft carrier. It is a ship that is capable of carrying a fleet of military airplanes. It also involves a ship carrying goods, a mass of trucks or even carrying another ship to a given destination. Warehousing can be of great importance when the products being transported is of high quantity. Meanwhile, if you’re shipping less amount of goods, it’s better to make use of Less Than Truckload (LTL) providers instead of a full truckload. Less than truckload services help to convey less than truckload goods that spend more time in transit.

Finally, using intermodal shipping can be cost effective for your business. Combining the advantages of a train and truck instead of using the truck alone will help minimize cost. Also, the traffic, noise, and pollution that can be created by trucks will be reduced drastically.