Motivation of staff in the organization

There are many ways to increase the efficiency of labor, among which the motivation of personnel occupies a leading place. It is aimed at encouraging the company’s employees to work, developing personal growth and the professionalism of each employee.
Staff motivation – what is it?

What is the motivation of the staff in the organization? In fact, this is a set of measures designed to influence the self-awareness of employees of the company with a view to encouraging them to work efficiently and conscientiously treating their duties.

Personnel policy of any enterprise can not do without the motivation of its employees. Competent staff management inevitably leads to an increase in income and contributes to the growth of professionalism of each person.

Let’s imagine that the head of the organization does not show interest in the activities of employees, but at the same time requires them to perform their duties in full. As a rule, such companies provide for a system of fines and other penalties for employees who make mistakes.

If a person is not motivated to work for the result, he will perform forced labor. As a result, such employees simply serve their time at the enterprise in order to receive wages, without showing any desire to show results.

If at the head of the company management processes the management puts the motivation of its employees, then the collective becomes cohesive, and all bring certain benefits. In addition, employees are clearly aware of their importance in the organization, they have the necessary conditions for personal growth and professional development, and they receive moral satisfaction from their employment.

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At a modern enterprise, the personnel motivation system is designed to solve the most important tasks necessary to increase labor productivity. These include:

–  stimulation of labor efficiency of workers;
–   creating comfortable conditions for keeping highly qualified specialists in the staff;
–  increase in income from the activities of the enterprise;
the creation of a team of professionals;
–  attracting new people.

In order for the organization to develop steadily, the manager must create such working conditions for high-level specialists that will keep them in the state so that they do not go over to competitors. Experience, as is known, is of decisive importance, moreover, the replacement of a professional at the enterprise by one of the employees will require a significant investment in training.

Attraction of new forces in a team of professionals is one of the important tasks of any leader, and it will take a lot of efforts to make highly skilled personnel want to work in the company. To do this, the applicants should be offered unique and effective methods of motivation, which will differ radically from similar methods applied to personnel in competing companies.

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