Mouth Guards Versus Dental Retainers in Winnipeg

After the installation of dental braces, your teeth are susceptible to shifting/movement because they underwent intense repositioning. While your beautifully straight teeth look like they could last forever, your newly positioned dental anatomy will still try to get back to its initial position. For this reason, your dentist might recommend retainers in Winnipeg. The dental retainers help to keep your teeth correctly positioned in the desired position as the surrounding gums and teeth heal.

Dental mouth guards versus retainers: What is the difference between the two?

Retainers in Winnipeg work by safeguarding your teeth from direct grinding against other teeth. Despite this, the thin material is not tough enough to hold the forces of the jaw and teeth for long. In addition, dental retainers do not have the kind of jaw support needed to provide jaw or facial pain relief. The individuals who are heavy jaw clenchers or grinders may have to constantly replace their retainers in Winnipeg throughout the period of time when they will be expected to put them on. The good news is that some dental clinics offer replacement retainers at no cost to their patients.

After your dentist has cleared you to set aside your retainers and you are still clenching or grinding your teeth, then mouth guards in Winnipeg will be recommended for you. However, you cannot wear the guards on both of the arches. You need to determine whether you will wear the mouth guards in Winnipeg on the lower or upper teeth.

Can patients use mouth guards as retainers?

Mouth guards in Winnipeg essentially keep teeth in the correct position. However, it needs to be a hard device that can effectively prevent shifting of teeth. A soft guard is pointless because it won’t keep your teeth in the desired position. Furthermore, its thickness means you can’t wear them on both your lower and upper teeth.

To make sure your retainers or mouth guards fit correctly, your dentist will need an accurate teeth impression. This way, your dentist will find it easier to make great fitting custom mouth guards or retainers in Winnipeg. Even then, the dentistry practitioner might still find it necessary to make slight adjustments. If there is ever a need for an adjustment, you can simply contact your local dentist.

While the stock varieties of mouth guards are readily available at sporting goods stores, the fully customized variants are the most ideal. The fully customized guards provide a higher level of protection and comfort that is unmatched by the stock varieties of mouth guards you would typically find at the sports stores.

It is important to note that most customized mouth guards often require special construction and it will be necessary to engage a dentist. For example, if your chosen dentistry practitioner is treating misaligned teeth or TMJ, he or she might recommend a night guard, which typically includes constructing certain sections of the mouth guard, metal clasps or ramps to correct your bite or shift your jaw. Therefore, you should consult your dentist and find out what suits you best based on your specific needs.