Piles: The Problem from Which People Feel Abash

We in our lifespan come across many health issues but make us irritate and some embarrass us. Piles that is the swelling that develops inside and around the anal canal is the problem that really perturbed us in front of others and the person suffers from this think twice while going to the doctor also.

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Within the lining of the anal canal there is the network of small veins and when the veins get engorged then this condition get arises. People experience many of the problems when this condition surrounds them like difficulty in sitting, passing stool, itching and even blood in the stool.

Piles are not the serious problem but it is the problem that you can’t talk about to your friends. Sometimes piles are too small that can’t be seen by the doctors but they usually don’t create any problem. But when they create pain and bleeding then it becomes very important to visit a doctor to have the proper treatment.

Types of piles-

  • Internal piles- These are the piles occur very deep in the anal canal they are above a point 2-3 cm inside the back passage of the upper part of the anal canal.
  • External piles- These are the piles starts from the outer surface of the anal canal. 2-3 cm inside the back passage.

According to the size and the severity, doctors give you the treatment. Symptoms of the piles that helps a person to detect them early for the best possible medication and treatment. According to the size like in grade one the size of the piles is very small and can’t be seen easily, in this stage symptoms generally not noticed by the person and in grade 2 they are enlarged and are pushed out from the anus when one goes for the toilet.

In grade 3 they enlarge and hang out and are felt by the person easily while going to the toilet. Even the person can push the piles inside with the help of fingers. In grade 4 piles hand down within the anus and one can’t push them by the fingers.

Sometimes piles are not noticed easily by the person but bleeding from the anus with the stool while going toilet make sure that one is suffering from piles. When these piles hang down and strangulated by the enlarged size then the blood supply is cut off to the piles and thrombosis occurs.

This causes the severe pain that becomes intolerable for the patient. Lack of physical activity and having the junk food are the main causes of piles. A person who suffers from this problem must drink lots of water and avoid having spicy and junk food. A healthy diet with the physical activity helps in reducing the risk of having piles.