Pros And Cons Of Tungsten Rings

Tungsten (aka Wolfram), is a rare metal, a chemical element whose chemical formula is “WC,” with the letter “W,” and number 74, on the Periodic Table of Elements. Tungsten was discovered as a new chemical element in 1781.  The origin of the name tungsten is Swedish, and tungsten is produced from the wolframite and scheelite ores.

Tungsten carbide is a result of a reaction of tungsten metal and carbon.  Tungsten carbide is said to be harder than 18k gold, steel, and titanium by factors of ten, five and four, respectively.  This ensures that tungsten carbide is number one in on this Earth as to hardness. 

Further, tungsten can sustain high temperatures, having the highest melting point of all metals and is used as the wires seen at a bright glow in incandescent lights.  Tungsten the material used to make the ball in ball-point pens, cutting tools, armor-piercing rounds or bullets, abrasives, and jewelry, such as rings

Tungsten Rings

The name, tungsten carbide, is now referred to as just tungsten by the consumer.   Tungsten rings, and in particular, the mens tungsten rings, are becoming more popular. The Jewelry experts in the industry found that at least twenty-five percent of all men’s weddings rings will be made of tungsten. Tungsten ring designers have opened up the doors for many styles, including laser engravings, stone settings with custom sizes and widths, which are appealing to men.

When the tungsten is mined, it is seen as a brittle steel-grey metal.  In order to work with tungsten carbide, it has been processed into a powder. Nickel is used to holding or binding the powder together to form the desired shape. Jewelry requires a mixture of 85% tungsten carbide.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Men’s Tungsten Rings


*  Unlike gold tungsten does not bend. 
*  Tungsten has color options
*   Tungsten can be plated in either black, white, or gold 
*   Tungsten does not scratch 
*   Finish does not tarnish and will maintain its shine or luster
*   Compared to white gold tungsten is affordable
*   Tungsten is not lightweight and similar to platinum
*   Unlike gold tungsten can easily be removed in a crisis or 
*    Hypoallergenic


*   Tungsten rings because of their hardness cannot be resized, 
*   While tungsten rings will not bend they are not unbreakable 
     with using enough force.
*   Some may find the tungsten t too heavyweight
*   Tungsten is not easily fungible if you need cash
*   If allergic to nickel, tungsten will react to nickel