Simple Guide To Choosing The Perfect Live Band For Your Wedding Reception

It is very challenging to select the perfect live band for your wedding reception. The constant factors you must consider when choosing the band include reputation, professionalism, and experience. Others are:


Your band manager is in charge of ensuring that your guests relish the event as much as possible. You are allowed to discuss your preferences with him. Do you want a quiet or relaxed atmosphere? Or you want an ambiance with a lot more noise?  Whether you want a celebratory atmosphere or not, it is the duty of your band manager to guide you. The band manager is in charge of the band itself so he can influence the outcome.

As much as you want a perfect live wedding band for your event, the band also wants to match your needs. Rather than bottle up your opinions, it will be beneficial to make a list and give to your manager.

Plan ahead

By scheduling in advance, you can block a lot of loopholes or disappointments. Normally, good live wedding bands are in high demand but short supply. So, they get tons of bookings from people. But if you do your research properly, you will know which live band is most appropriate for your timing. As soon as you confirm their availability, you should discuss:

  • The outcome of when you want the band to be set up – this must tally with your programme list.
  • How many sets you want played – depending on your budget, bands can take as many sets as possible during the event.
  • Type of playlist –ask for playlist and go over them to select appropriate options.
  • Usual playing time per set – seek the help of your band manager.
  • Refreshments – on or off break time
  • Duration of performance – how long do you want them to play? This causes a lot of conflict between managers and clients most times. Many clients fail to come to a reasonable conclusion as duration. If they discover the band is great, they could ask for extra hours. And this is bad business for live bands. Instead, discuss the possibility of ‘overtime’. This will present you as practical and serious-minded as well.


Ensure that you know the cost of the band in the initial stage. Live wedding bands could charge you per set or per performer. It totally depends on their mode of operation. However, an elaborate group will charge you more. You can also project the possibility of overtime and how much more this will incur. Understand the contract of business, the costs included and the deposits. A band without terms or contracts of business is not reliable and professional. Avoid them.

The wedding band is highly professional and reputable beyond doubt. They are able to create a celebratory and cheerful ambiance at every event. Their music and entertainment skills are unmatched as well.

The need for experience, professionalism, and a good reputation cannot be overemphasized. Wedding planners and couples have high expectations from their event. Thus, work with a band that can suit your needs to the letter.