Social Media Marketing Status in Arab Markets

Marketing is the promotion of the product or service provided by some companies or institutions to the consumer. It is the link between service providers and beneficiaries. Marketing has many steps that need to plan to get out correctly to ensure the sale and distribution of the product or the definition of the company and its services.

Marketing in traditional forms such as direct marketing through seminars and conferences or through newspapers, television, radio and outdoor advertising was known in ancient times. Although this type of marketing is important, it is very expensive. It needs large amounts of money and it could be for a short time.


But the market has not stopped at this level of marketing, but has created more room to promote and invent new ways of marketing, taking advantage of the Internet, which has become important in people’s lives. Especially social media.

Social media has become one of the most reliable advertising platforms in the promotion of products and services. They provide high cost as they are cheaper than other advertising means, and they also provide access to customers all the time and for a long time.

E-marketing has become the tool of the age to keep pace with the mechanism of time we live in, which progresses rapidly, especially in the field of technology and the Internet. Every company, employer or producer dreams of spreading its creations and offering its services to reach many customers.

So e-marketing has become the fastest and most convenient way of our time, which is now the age of technology and the Internet. Social networking has become a vital necessity for some Internet users.

Social Media

Social media websites have encouraged many of its users to create a platform for sharing news and events, not only for speakers of the same language, but for different people around the world in different languages.

As such, it is important that social media websites be considered as one of the advertising platforms on which to promote products and services provided by companies.

But it has become one of the most important means of e-marketing, for the multitude and multiplicity, the most famous ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. But this puts us in need to select the most important and most attractive to customers when marketing.

Through the publication of some interesting and attractive publications to customers simply, to reach the largest number of targeted customers. Most of these pages have many followers who are different from each other, allowing service providers and products to promote their offerings well.

Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing has spread not only in the European and international markets, but also in the Arab markets, in building a public base on these sites, especially the Gulf and Egyptian markets.

For example, the Saudi market, the number of Internet users in recent years has doubled, creating a lot of opportunities for companies and service providers. This resulted in the trend of the e-market. Social media marketing in Saudi Arabia came at the forefront of the Arab markets opened to it Another door to marketing. The business has also expanded and many markets have been built, including e-markets, which have been characterized by access to different segments and large costs.