The best business marketing strategies for 2018

If you want your business to stay ahead of your competitors and have high brand awareness with the public, effective marketing is key. Having the best product or service in the world is of no consequence if you do not market the fact. After all, if you do not let people know that you exist and how great your business is, how will they ever know?

Businesses have long realized the superb returns and business growth that proper marketing strategies can bring. It is also one area that sees constant change in which strategies are the best. Keeping up with this change is vital for your business so that you are always marketing in the most effective way to deliver results.

So, how do you market like a pro in 2018 and help your business succeed?

Killer business marketing strategies for 2018

When it comes to marketing now, it is all about finding new and innovative ways to engage the public while still using the more traditional methods. This will allow you to always be where your customers are and connecting with them in new, fresh ways.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Google Adwords We’ll start with one strategy that is well established with many businesses. It is still relevant in 2018 and, when done right, will give superb results. If you do not currently use it, this allows you to bid for the chance to display ads online for targeted keywords when people search on Google for a service. Although you do have to bid and pay for the keywords to use in your ad, if you word your copy right and have your landing page set up well, it will give a good ROI.

  • Content marketing Another well established but superb marketing tool for 2018 is content marketing. This is the process of creating content that showcases your businesses expertise or values, which is then distributed through various online channels, mainly social media. This is a great tool for reaching a wider audience and helping to attract new business from different industries that may need what you offer.

  • Webinars There is no doubt that a big trend in marketing currently is the use of virtual or online methods to promote your brand. Webinars are a great example of this. They are simply a live seminar that people across the globe can sign up to take part in over the internet. The great thing about them as a marketing tool is that they are easy to run and help reach a far greater number of consumers or potential B2B clients than a normal seminar. They also allow you to promote your business in a positive way on a larger scale.

  • Video marketing To really put into perspective why this is a great marketing strategy, YouTube is thought to have over one billion users worldwide! As a business, this is a huge potential audience, and one that you cannot ignore. You should be using video marketing on sites like YouTube and also via your social media channels. Consumers respond on a deeper personal level to videos advertising your services and connect in a more trusting, lasting way.

  • Bespoke signage Although the digital marketing world is super important, real-world marketing is still a great strategy for 2018. Stylish and eye-catching signage lets your customers know what you have on sale or what your business is all about. This frameless rustic slate chalkboard with twine is a charming way to communicate your message – a large slate chalkboard is sometimes still the best method to market directly to consumers.

  • Leverage social media in new ways When it comes to modern marketing, social media must get a mention. It is so essential nowadays, and you no doubt already use it. However, in 2018, you need to start thinking about how to utilize it in new ways. Make sure your content is a mixture of words, photos and videos to keep consumers interested. Try to connect with people who use your services and ask them to become an online influencer, letting others know how great you are.

The best strategies will give the best returns

Carefully considering any marketing strategies you implement will mean that you get the best return on your investment. In 2018, the best strategies will use both online and offline methods to help connect with customers. This will ensure that you are seen as a cutting-edge business for the people who love tech but still also have that personal touch for those who are more old school.