The Do’s and Don’ts of AC Repair

Why is the AC not working? Why is the AC not producing cold air? Why is it not turning on? Where is the growling sound coming from? And a lot of other why and where of AC repair. Any changes as to how your AC operates should make you worry, as small issues can turn huge if not attended too the soonest time possible.

The Do’s and Don’ts of AC Repair

Do ask for professional service immediately

If you observe something unusual as for how your AC operates, make sure to call a professional right way. Do not wait for the issue to get more complicated before you act as that will just make the issue worse. Some AC repairs can be fixed without replacing parts but if time lapses, the easy fix may need complicated repair or worse may not be repairable at all.

Do not attempt to work on complicated AC repairs

Cleaning the air duct, repairing the motor, adjusting refrigerant level, fixing leaks and professionals should only perform other complicated AC repair. Trying to repair any of these complicated tasks may result in further damage and could be dangerous to operate.

DIY can work only to some extent, and you would never want to take the risk of repairing your AC by yourself as there could be risks involve doing so.

Do not hire AC repair specialist immediately

It is your responsibility to look for a professional AC repair specialist far before you need their service. You should not wait for the immediate need to come before you look for one as most of the time, rushing will lead you to wrong decisions. As early now, check on professional’s background and check who amongst them is highly reliable to call in case you need their service.

Do not use AC until a professional service provider arrives

Turn off your unit immediately after you observe changes as for how it operates. Forcing the AC motor may lead to further damages. Turn it off and never use it until an AC repair specialist told you to do so.

Do take advantage of your warranty

Before you call someone else to work on AC repair, check your warranty card first. Most AC units, especially brand-new ones, are covered under warranty. Check your warranty card and see whether the date and issue are included. Having someone else not authorized by the manufacturer to repair the AC will completely void the warranty.

AC can be very expensive, so AC repair is more recommended than buying a new unit. Although there are some cases that air con unit is way beyond repairable, like air con is too old already or it is damaged as long as you are maintaining and repairing it right, you can maximize its lifespan.