The Process of Becoming a Truck Driver

One of today’s biggest industries is truck driving. The hauling of equipment or merchandise from point A to point B can be very addictive for anyone who loves driving. What a lot of people fail to realize is, is the amount of skill and knowledge it takes to be a truck driver. This is not like getting inside one’s own vehicle and just driving. It is a very profitable industry as there is a lot of cdl truck driving jobs out there to be grabbed. There is also a lot of money that the driver can make as some are known to make over six figures if they apply themselves. At this point in time, there are many companies that are looking for truck drivers and are willing to train them. One thing that must always stay in the driver’s mind before anything else is safety because these big rigs cannot stop on a dime. One thing that is the same, is that the driver must always be aware of the other drivers on the road.

In order for a person to become a truck driver, they must get a CDL license, either Class A, Class B or Class C, depending on the vehicle and trailer GVWR, which stands for gross vehicle weight rating. There are also endorsements that can be added to the license such as Hazmat for hauling any hazardous material and air brakes. The driver must take a written test for the proper license and pass it. Once the test is passed, then the driver can go to any truck driving academy and finish the course. Some truck driving academies do the whole thing at their location. There are books and multiple videos that the driver can watch to help pass each course. The course consists of the written test first. Next, is the pre-trip inspection test where a thorough DOT pre-trip inspection is done on the truck and trailer by both the driver and a DOT certified inspector. This is usually the instructor. Then, is the skills test, which is usually done in a parking lot with traffic cones and the driver has to maneuver the truck and trailer properly. Finally comes the driving test where the instructor is riding shotgun with the driver and grading him or her accordingly. Once all these courses and tests are completed then the driver gets their CDL license and can begin driving commercially for themselves or for a company.

When the driver begins a job, they must always report to the dispatcher who assigns the runs as they come available. All this is a team effort, and every position is critical in the truck driving industry. Everyone has their roles to play. Upper management deals with the clients in order to bring business to the company. The dispatcher is in charge of lining up the runs with the driver. Safety is in charge of just that, the safety department. Then the driver hauls the load to its destination.