What are The Things You Should Expect as a Doula?

When you are thinking about choosing your career as a doula, it’s a good plan. Supporting a woman when she is giving birth to her kid is exciting. It’s a job of honor.

You might have a few questions to be answered before you finalize picking the career as a doula.

  • What is the Number of Births Can You Attend Every Month?

It’s up to you, how many births you want to attend. Remember that for each client you take, you have to make pre-natal visits, the births when taking place, and also pre-natal visits.

Your visits will be of around 2 hours and then add the travel time to it. Visit parents will ensure that you understand the needs of them, their desires, and the fears they have about the childbirth.

You should know that births are sometimes straightforward and take a short time, but sometimes they get complicated, and may take long hours and even can be draining emotionally. So, it would be wise if you start with one client per month, then slowly increase to how many you can handle.

  • How Much Do You Earn?

How much will be doula salary or how much you are going to earn depends solely on you. You will make your own package. The hourly rate can be $25 to $110. So, it will be around $55 to $60 as an average per hour. And if in a package deal, it can be even lower. As a student doula, some attends for free and some charges around $50 to $100 to cover their costs.

But everything will matter when you are experiencing, and till then you shouldn’t concentrate on fees, but gaining experience.

  • Will There Be Regular Income?

When you are a new doula, you won’t be able to support everything. When you are experienced, you will charge much higher. You are going to be busier at the end of the year as many doulas go for leave in the holidays.

You should remember it is your business as well; it’s not a job. So, like any other business make your reputation in the market, and you are going to have a regular income.