What are the top 25 Unusual and Fun Ways to Make Money from Home?

There are various ways to earn money while sitting in the comfort of your home. This list gives you an insight into some of them which can help you earn an income without having to step into the hasty world outside and that too in the way you like.

Hence, various fun ways go as such-

  1. Play rummy at

Play rummy online on the website called and get yourself exposed to the thrilling world of cash prize as well as tons of entertainment as you play along. Free rummy game online offers you the endless chances of winning cash prize with the easy instructions to follow.

  1. Earn by selling the extra trees on your property

In case you have huge property somewhere and you do not know what to do with those extra ones sitting there, you can easily sell them for some decent money. You can easily find a website on the internet that would want to purchase your trees and pay some worth for it.

  1. Write blogs for clients

There are some good number of clients out there who pay a few bucks to the freelancers who could write for them. So if writing is something you could pull out with ease, this is the job that would suit you the best.

  1. Give some of the rooms in your home on rent

This way is one of the tried and tested ones for earning a good amount of money depending on the location and size of the area you can rent.

  1. Turn your art of being a comedian into something more

Get your acts and moves as a comedian monetized with the help of online platforms like YouTube which actually can be a place for you to earn a good enough money for yourself. You can even earn thousands of bucks by taking your funny acts online.

  1. Act of reviewing

There are a wide number of acts like reviewing toys, clothes, etc. that are turning out to be as advantageous as earning a lot of money over a period of time.  

  1. Videos of your wondrous moves as a magician

Being anything that fascinates the audience on platforms like YouTube can attract a lot of money. With your videos shot at home, of you performing the acts of a magician, you can monetize the same on YouTube and earn a good income.

  1. Answering Questions

Being knowledgeable about a particular topic and having gained professionalism in it pays big time. There are certain sites on the internet like which pay for answering various questions related to particular profession.

  1. Designing the websites

Designing the websites for the clients can be a great income while not needing to step outside the home. If you have the skill, get going on the internet and get paid decently well for each website you design.

  1. Hosting websites

After the designing of the websites, hosting them is one of the tasks you could perform on annual basis and get paid for it once. It will not be extremely time consuming since there are very rare chances of any website going down for more than few minutes.

  1. Virtual Assistant

As you sit at home or go to the café, you can easily take care of several tasks as an assistant for the busy executive or the business owner. You need not sit in their office but take care of various things that may range from answering phone calls, sending e mails, reports, etc.

  1. Performing as a social media manager

This one gives you a more regular pay check for arranging posts, managing updates, reviewing comments, etc. for various clients who are professionally active through social media platforms. For example, a poet, some other artist, etc.

  1. Becoming a transcriptionist

This one may need you to type out what you hear from the audio files sent by the clients. It helps them to get a proof of whether they are conveying the messages to their customers clearly or not.

  1. Pulling up your own online business

As there are many of the online businesses which are doing amazingly well on the internet, yours can be one of them. Putting an online store up neither requires lot of hassles in terms of the procedure, nor a big investment. Thus, it can really help you start something of your own really quick.

  1. Working for a call centre

This job can provide you with a good amount of earnings as all you need to do is keep a laptop and a phone handy. There are some companies that hire at-home workers for whom you need to be in touch with the customers constantly.

  1. Creating podcasts

Create podcasts for selling them or using them as a platform for advertisements. When provided a useful series of podcasts, it can help you earn enough money.

  1. Selling Links

All you need for selling links is a blog or a website of your own. This way you can readily monetize your links by simply finding out the ones who would find them useful.

  1. Earn cash with tweets

If you are someone with enough followers in your twitter account, you can earn enough money by tweeting about the products that are popular amongst your readers. It may need websites like for monetizing the tweets.

  1. Make your pet a star

Not only your funny and cute acts work, but they also get noticed if they come from someone as cute as your pet. Just shoot the videos of your pet performing some cute acts and monetize the same on YouTube.

  1. Tutor people

This is something that uses your interest and knowledge well. No matter which subject you are good at, you can put your videos with you teaching the various topics of the same on certain websites and get paid for them.

  1. Become a website tester

As several websites hire testers, you can get paid for testing the websites. It is as simple as it sounds; you got to simply find the websites which hire testers, then just visit the websites and voice your opinions.

  1. Give your storage space on rent

On certain occasions, people may want to keep some stuff that they may want to sell later under the safety of a shed. There can be various reasons people may look for some storage space for a while and if you put a price on providing the same, it can earn you some cash.

  1. Start bed and breakfast

You can even start a bed and breakfast service for people who may need cheap accommodation for a day or a couple of days. This can bring you some decent earning.

  1. Lend your parking space for a fee

There are times during the off-season when people may need space for parking their recreational vehicles. During such times, it can be profitable for you if you have some extra space that you could rent out.

  1. Publish a book

If you enjoy writing and it is your passion, then the best way to earn from the comfort of your home is by getting your writing published in the form of a book. Selling the copies of the same can get you enough money earned.