Why are E-Cigarettes Becoming So Popular Now?

It is no secret that e-cigarettes are becoming popular with each passing day. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that there are over 460 brands that are there on the web and they are equally available at hypermarkets, malls and, convenience stores. Therefore, just to say that ‘they are there’ won’t be correct. So, what is driving people towards them? Well, that’s the million dollar question people want answers to. We will also try to answer them here and see if those reasons can be justifiable for its craze.

  • The awareness factor – When e-cigarettes were formally launched in 2007, there was not much awareness regarding e-juice or E-cigarette Club, but gradually it picked up quite fantastically, so much that within a span of few years, it captured the imaginations of people. To put it in perspective, as per a survey, it was found out that by 2010, one-third of adults were aware of the phenomenon and were equally curious to find out more about it. As a matter of fact, four times of the above-stated figure had even tried it at least once compared to the same type of survey that was conducted in 2009. Hence, the ‘curiosity-for-the-unknown’ triggered the needed initial impetus to it, and more people experienced it first-hand.
  • A lot of other benefits – When compared to conventional tobacco smoke, e-cigarettes are cheaper, bit safer and a cleaner alternative. They can also be used anywhere without creating concern of breaking smoking laws at public places. However, the factor which seals the deal for it is its availability in more than 7,000 stunning flavors, including some of the most exotic variants that can practically never be available in a conventional cigarette. Contrastingly, cigarettes are only available in two available flavors in much of the world – Regular and Menthol.

Manufacturers of vaping products have furthered it by linking it with quitting smoking, but that is a different aspect altogether as there is not much proof to substantiate the claims. Nonetheless, the other factors do lend some credibility regarding its widespread popularity.