Why is the mobile gaming industry on the rise?

 The shift to mobile is one of the most important things to happen to the technology world in recent years. It’s perhaps the latest in a series of major internet trends: first, of course, came the internet-enabled computer itself and the personal computer industry that fueled it; this was followed by the laptop revolution; now, it’s mobile first – and mobile gaming is just one manifestation of that.


Mobile games are designed to be convenient, and they’re meant to be played in almost any environment where there’s enough room for a user to hold their phone in front of them – and also in locations where it’s clearly not considered rude or dangerous to have a mobile device out, such as in the driver’s seat or at school.

They’re also commonly played by people during moments of downtime, such as while waiting at a transport stop for a train or a cab to arrive. For that reason, they’re often used in short bursts. While once upon a time, this would have been considered a bad thing for the gaming industry, it’s more than made up for by the fact that the intensity of a game creates a strong sense of loyalty and attention retention – which opens up golden revenue opportunities both through advertising and through in-app purchases.

Any location

However, perhaps the most important part of the convenience trend is the fact that mobile technology allows games to be played anywhere. It’s long been possible for gamers to play games on mobile consoles such as the Game Boy, for example, but playing on a mobile device is a much more recent development. The main difference is that it’s possible for a mobile device to be connected to the internet, of course – and this opens up a whole new realm of possibility. Not only does this mean that new games can be downloaded at the tap of the app store screen, but it also means that it’s possible to play no matter where in the world you are – whether it’s on a train, a plane or even just on the couch at home.

More choice

For the end user, perhaps the most obvious impact of the mobile gaming revolution is the way that it can bring users a whole variety of new games from which to choose. From casino games online at Stakers.com to word games that really challenge your brain, there’s more game choice on the market than ever before. Again, this is down to the mobile device’s internet compatibility: while back in the day, it was only possible to change games by purchasing a new cartridge, it’s possible today to do so just by heading over to your preferred app store.

The mobile gaming industry is one that has clearly performed well in recent years. From the world of new game choices available to the simple appeal of convenience and portability, it’s no surprise that this mode of gaming has proven popular. Given the market position that mobile gaming now enjoys, in the years to come, it’s unlikely that the trend in favor of mobile gaming will reverse.