3 Fun Activities to Do Bandung

Bandung can be your perfect destination if you want to spend your holiday with your family or loved one. In Bandung, many recreation spots provide fun activities to do with your family or loved one that you might not be able to experience in other places. Here are 3 fun activities to do while you are in Bandung.

  1. Hang in the skies like Spiderman — Tebing Gunung Hawu

This place is where you can fulfill your superhero dreams.

For sunrise lovers, Tebing Gunung Hawu boasts a fantastic point of view to see the sun wake up for its morning duties. Better yet, you may grab that sunrise from your perch in a hammock, dangling precariously between two towering cliffsides. Has that picture gotten your adrenaline running?

Hammocking was popularised by a group of sailors to increase tourist activity in the area, — and therefore prevent limestone miners from continuing to destroy Gunung Hawu’s environment. Mother Nature is pleased with you. The hill is also renowned for the massive “hole” you can see in the middle of the mountain. It’s the reason why the mountain was christened “Hawu,” means “fireplace.”

Since you’re here may you pass up on snapping a picture with this uncommon sight? If you’re lucky, you could see the sun filtering in through the hole, creating an ethereal view.

  1. Take glamping to the next Instagram level–The Lodge Maribaya

The one thing that The Lodge Maribaya famous is glamping, with a variety of choices of outdoor activities in nature. The place is for all adrenaline-junkies out there. In there, you can fulfill your wildest dream of going on an adventure that unites trekking, flying tree platforms fox, zip biking and skies swinging.

In addition to the present onion-shaped tents, the lodge offers a series of thrilling rides and actions.  You can start by trying their Sky Tree. It is an elevated platform up in a tree. It is ideal for sight-seeing the surrounding nature. You can also try the Zip Biking (because zip lining is indeed cliché), or some Sky Swinging (glancing at the playground? Who does that nowadays!).

  1. Visit the Hobbit house in Bandung! — The Farm House

The Farm House is located at Jalan Raya Lembang. It takes about an hour drive from the center of the city to get there. As the newly opened tourism spot in Bandung, Farm House unites agriculture, movie, and wanderlust in one place. The buildings mimic those of the Hobbit house in Lord of the Rings. It is a perfect place for getting both entertainment and education.

The Farm House is the right spot for the entire family. Children may have fun running amok in the major garden areas, while parents appreciate the fresh mountain air and fantastic views while taking pictures. It’s and will make the ideal backdrop for a number of your favorite holiday snaps!


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