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3 Quick Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home

Investment in property is one of the most popular investments for an individual. Caring for your home is not only beneficial for you while you are living there but it can also help you to increase its value. This article looks at ways in which the owner can maximize the value of the property so they can get a higher return on their investment. Some of these ways include: hiring a local gardener, repainting the walls, or hiring a property photographer.

Get Your Garden Sorted Out

As we mentioned, hiring a professional local gardener would be a good option to make your house look appealing. The perfect hedging and cutting of the grass with a variety of plants and a mix of beautiful flowers will give a good vibe to your place and make it look well-maintained for potential buyers.

The property will look neat and clean and will let your future customers picture themselves lounging in the garden with their families. Not only that, it will improve the value of your house when compared to similar properties which may not have a garden that’s as well kept as yours. Hiring local gardeners is an investment with a worthwhile return.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

We cannot emphasize the difference this makes and it’s something your estate agent would gladly agree with. Imagine walking into a house with dirty walls full of handprints from children and stains on the wall from general wear and tear. No one wants to live in a dirty house, and hence a clean wall, ceiling and floor are a necessity.

A new coat of paint is a cost-effective investment in your property. Clean walls attract more buyers and make your house look more appealing. This can lead to an increase in your property’s value in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Hire a Property Photographer

When a person looks at properties on the internet to buy or rent, they will naturally be inclined to gravitate towards property listing with appealing pictures over ones that appear dark or grainy. A property photographer has the experience and equipment to capture the best features of your house in a favourable light. That way when prospective buyers look at the listing online they will be more inclined to consider purchasing your property. To find out more about how to increase the value of your property with property photography, check out this blog post by Bidvine Blogs.