4 Common Things that Cause Trouble in the Bedroom

It’s not uncommon to experience a dry spell in the bedroom but knowing what might be causing it is the first step to experiencing a more satisfying sex life.

A healthy sex life is a key part of having a stronger relationship with your partner, which is why it’s important to address any issues that might be causing a decline in the bedroom.

4 Reasons Why Your Sex Life Might Be Suffering

A Lack of Self Esteem

There are a number of reasons why you might be experiencing low self-esteem and it can be one of the biggest barriers in the bedroom. Concerns about your job, financial situation, relationship, appearance or the size of your penis can all affect your performance. It’s incredibly important to address any stresses and insecurities that you might be experiencing if you want to enhance your time in the bedroom. Communicating with your partner, practicing stress management and using top quality penis filler by CALIBRE are all steps that you can take to improve your self-esteem.

Watching Porn

You might think that watching porn with your partner will enhance your sex life but it could be having the complete opposite effect. For some couples, porn is a great solution but for others, it only creates unrealistic expectations and disappointment, particularly when you find that your partner is more aroused when watching porn than having sex with you. Over and above this, porn can lead to problems with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, issues that you definitely don’t want to add to the mix.

Switching Things Up

Partners who make the decision to switch things up by changing their roles as the dominant and submissive can actually end up causing problems in the bedroom. Changing positions can cause your partner to feel insecure or unsure while you’re having sex, which totally kills the mood. If you are thinking about changing things up, make sure that both you and your partner are on board with the switch.

Electronic Distractions

It’s no secret that we live in a digital age, so it comes as no surprise that electronics are causing problems in many bedrooms. Today, bedrooms are home to televisions, smartphones and tablets, all of which become distractions in a space where you’re meant to be intimate and get a good night’s sleep. In more severe cases, addictions to electronics cause some couples to reach for a device while they’re having sex, something that can completely destroy your sex life and your relationship. It’s important to remember that sex

is about connecting with your partner, not the internet, so if you want to experience a stronger bond in the bedroom, leave your electronics at the door. If you do find that you’re having a hard time keeping electronics out of the bedroom, be stricter about when you use them. Setting a time to pop onto social media and answer messages can make a difference to your life and your relationship.