5 Best Beach Clubs in Bali

Hanging out at beach clubs in Bali is likely among the best ways to truly enjoy your vacation in Bali. Enjoy good drinks, good food, great tunes, and an excellent view in Bali can make your visit unforgettable. But which one to go to? To make you pick easily, we have provided a complete guide to beach clubs in Bali sorted by area for you.

  1. Potato Head Bali at Seminyak

This beach club is among the most famous one in Bali, with 3 restaurants, 2 bars, an infinity pool, and a 500 sqm yard that all look within the Indian Ocean. The place is guaranteed to have the best sunset views in Bali. It also hosts many parties, exhibitions, and installations featuring both local and international DJs, musicians, artists, and architects. The place is open from breakfast time until late.

  1. Kudeta Bali

As the season’s change and the decades roll from the components behind the success and growth of Kudeta Bali, remain unchanged as Bali’s most famous oceanfront dining and drinking venue. Kudeta Bali has fostered for inimitable fine-dining any time of the day or night, discreetly attentive service, cutting edge design and architecture along with the roster of big-name international actors -that consider the location a tropics home-from-home that preserves the vibe and -popularity of one of Bali’s most revered lifestyle icon.

  1. Woobar at W Hotel Bali

Inspired by the sea, WooBar was designed to symbolize a tide in action on the beach, an architecture of raw concrete with dark spaces for a more intimate vibe. Marvel down to the Wood base for the ultimate dancefloor experience as well as an underground whiskey room.

  1. SKAI Beach Club

SKAI Beach Club at Padma Resort Bali provides the calming art of sun-downing to thrilling new heights. It is Bali’s hip place to unwind over light bites and cocktails while watching the island’s famous sunset. There’ll be chill out tunes and minus (-) two ˚C beer to get the party started in this uplifting venue overlooking the beach.

  1. Cocoon Beach Club at Double Six Bali

With a blue centerpiece infinity pool, sun lounges, day beds, and Cabanas, Cocoon Beach Club is always full of crowds. The place is favored by people who are looking forward to getting away from the Seminyak’s busy road. Kick back and unwind, sipping on a sample and cocktail something tasty from our tapas and grazing menu. You might even pamper your senses with a luxurious spa treatment in your personal cabana, or just swim around and soak up the sun to the smooth music from their resident DJs. By 8pm the swimming pool floods with neon color and soft candlelight create an ambient and intimate mood for lovers and buddies to unwind under the stars.


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