5 Extraordinary Trees Around the World

People are always quick to reference the wonders of the world, but what gets less attention are the wondrous trees that exist in different areas of the world.

These trees are not nearly as well known, mainly because the location of some of these record-breaking trees is kept hidden to protect their well-being. After all, needlessly cutting down healthy trees is an increasing issue, and heavy tourism results in a lot of touching and damage to trees.

That being said, the incredible measurements and qualities of these trees have been confirmed, and many of them set their roots thousands of years ago.

We need to take care of our trees; so many of these spectacular trees from around the world are among the last of their kind. If you’ve been trying to figure out the best way to keep your tree healthy and happy, check out this blog for more information on tree care and maintenance.

You never know – if you take care of the spruce or birch in your front yard, maybe one day National Geographic will be taking pictures of your prized tree. These extraordinary trees prove how majestic our arboreal friends can be:

The Oldest Tree in the World

Name: Old Tjikko

How Old: 9,550 years

Where to Find It: Sweden

“Old Tjikko” — the tree with the oldest roots in the world —can be found in Sweden, on Fulufjallet Mountain in Darna Province. The roots of this Norwegian spruce tree are 9,550 years old. This tree broke the record after the last tree chronicled to be the oldest in the world was chopped down in 1964 by an arborist who didn’t realize the tree’s history.

The Tallest Tree inthe World

Name: Hyperion

How Tall: 379.1 feet all

Where to Find It: California

Standing 115.6 metres tall, this Coast Redwood tree located in Redwood National, California was discovered back in 2006 by Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor. This tree species can only be found in California, Australia and Nevada – mainly in national parks.

To this day, the precise location of the tree has not been publicized to protect it from tourists or any other curious people.

Largest Tree in the World (Volume)

Name: General Sherman

How Heavy: 1,814 tonnes

Where to Find It: California

General Sherman is the world’s largest living tree by volume. The sequoia tree located in California’s Sequoia National Park measures 271 feet tall, a trunk volume of 2,508 feet³ and is estimated to weigh 1,814 tonnes.

At 2100 years old, General Sherman holds the record for biggest tree in volume. The large tree is the predecessor to the former record holder, the “Maple Creek Tree” that weighed an impressive 1940 tonnes.

Most Dangerous Tree in the World

Name: Manchineel

How Dangerous: Can cause blistering, blindness, and potential fatalities

Where to Find It: Florida Everglades, Caribbean Coast

Trees provide us with a lot of positive things from health benefits to shade on scorching hot days. The manchineel, however, is a species of tree exclusive to the Florida Everglades and Caribbean Coast that is not so friendly to humans. The sap of these trees holds so much poison and acidity that it will blister any skin that comes into contact with it.

Removing the tree from its home is also not the best idea; if you were to burn the tree down, the smoke would also be hazardous, causing blindness. Let’s just leave them where they are and avoid them at all costs.

The Tree of Life

This tree needs no introduction as its resilience speaks for itself. The mesquite tree located in Bahrain can be found in the middle of the desert – quite literally. The Tree of Life has called the desert it’s home for over 400 years, without any known water supply.

How it survives remains a mystery. It is easily the world’s loneliest tree, considering it’s isolated with nothing near it. In fact, it is believed by locals that the tree marks the original location of the Garden of Eden.