5 Qualities to Look Out for When Hiring a New Sales Rep

Hiring the right sales rep can be a challenging task.While it’s important that they have the right skill-set and experience, it’s also well-known that quality sales reps have a certain type of personality that is often difficult to properly define and quantify. It’s a quality that goes beyond what gets told on their resume, which is why it’s important to be able to identify these qualities during the interview process.Otherwise, without a solid foundation of what you are looking for, it can be a serious challenge to identify the good sales reps from the bad. To help you find the right person, here are five qualities that world-class sales headhunters look out for when recruiting.

1. Conscientiousness

The American Psychological Association published research in 1993 indicating that the most indicative factor of a quality sales rep was their level of conscientiousness, meaning that they have a strong sense of duty to their jobs and the results that they produce.

In order to judge this trait during an interview, ask them to describe a sales success story and note how involved they were with the process from start to finish.

2. Driven to Succeed

Top performers tend to be fixated on achieving goals and will continuously measure their success based on meeting these goals. They also have a bit of competitiveness in them and aim to be top performers in their group.

You can tell if someone is driven during an interview by asking them what their career goals are and about what they have done in the past to accomplish them.

3. Team-Oriented

A good sales rep will show a sense of modesty and recognize that success depends on everyone in the team doing well, and that it’s not just a one-man show. They have a modest attitude and don’t give off any airs that say they think they are better than everyone else.

It should be obvious to identify someone who is cocky and self-important. Look instead for someone who mentions their team and who shows some level of humility.

4. Curious

A sales rep that is curious is always eager to learn new things and find out more about their customers. They’re more engaged and will go that extra mile to find out what they need to do in order to close a sale.

Ask the interviewee what they would do if they were having trouble closing a sale. If they indicate that they would focus on making inquiries then it’s a good sign.

5. Creative

Like curiosity, creativity is also important when engaging with customers and attempting to meet sales goals. A good salesperson needs to be flexible, adaptable, and able to come up with solutions to problems or roadblocks that are often out-of-the-box.

When with a candidate, ask them about a time where they ran into a roadblock and what they did to overcome it.

Hire a Professional

Even if you know what you’re looking for it can be often difficult to identify these key qualities in a sales candidate. That’s why hiring a sales recruiter is your best bet for finding top candidates.

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