5 Reasons to Provide Lanyards and Badge Holders to a Growing Staff

No matter what type of business you’re running, you can’t afford to overlook the safety of your employees and the protection of your company assets. What’s the best way to do this? PVC security ID cards offer the best all-round protection due to cost, effectiveness, and ease of use. In fact, given to widespread use of ID cards, the odds are that your company already uses them.

The Benefit of Security System Accessories

For security systems of all types, the use of accessories is not a matter of mere convenience. Devices such and badge reels, lanyards, card holders, and — offer a variety of ways to improve the functioning of your system. Here are 5 ways that these devices help you to guarantee a safer work environment to your employees:

1)   Keep Better Track of ID Cards

A badge holder is a thin plastic casing that keeps your security ID card protected and allows you to attach it to other accessories like lanyards and badge reels. Lanyards are straps that attach to your badge holder in order to allow you to wear it around your neck. The main use of these items is to provide a way for employees to protect and access the ID cards that you issue them, which are required for entry into your company’s physical location.

2)   Speed Up Security

When you supply your employees with accessories that make it easier to access their ID cards, it allows them to gain access to the sensitive areas of your place of work that require security ID cards to be read. You can also combine such accessories with superior technology features you might invest in, like proximity card reading, so that it makes mere seconds for each employee to access their offices.

3)   Save Money

Preventing the loss of cards means that you save time and materials due to the fact that you will replace your employee’s ID cards less often. This amount to direct financial saving because it means you’ll be spending less on replacement materials. Speeding up access times will also result in more minutes clocked at work by each employee, which will amount to extra pay hours for each employee each year.

4)   Branding

Lanyards and badge reels both provide excellent opportunities to promote brand awareness. These items can be designed to include company logo and slogans, which are visible to anyone who encounters your employees. This can give you an enormous amount of added exposure, specifically at large corporate events where it’s important for exposure to others in your industry. If you’d like to get personalized badge reels for your next event then you should get in touch with a professional company that offers security ID card solutions, such as printer sales.

5)   Increased Safety

The bottom line is that accessories help to ensure that your employees always keep their cards on their person while they are at work. This means that everyone who has access to your building will be using their ID cards properly, and thus ensures that your security system will be working at its best.

Security ID card accessories do provide conveniences to anyone who uses them, but they also offer these other more valuable features, which are all too often overlooked. Consider purchasing badge holder, lanyards, and badge reels from your security ID card printer supplier.