5 Ways to Further Boost Business Performance With Your Phone

There is no denying that a mobile phone is integral to the day-to-day operations of growing enterprises. The device’s primary features aid in establishing connections and delivering important messages.

But apart from those, mobile phones, particularly smart ones, can actually help in many other ways to improve businesses. So, if you are a business owner and you continue to use your phone mainly for calls and text messages, you should start exploring the rich possibilities it offers.

Here are five other ways you can use your phone to reach your business goals and improve overall performance:

1. Use it to track your equipment and workers through an app.

There are numerous workforce tracking apps that you can purchase from app stores these days. With these apps, you can monitor your employees’ activities and even how your mobile business equipment or devices are being used.

The ability to regularly monitor operations through your phone gives you the power to address certain behaviours that impact productivity and the proper use of resources. At the same time, the data you generate from the app can improve the “vulnerable” aspects of your management.

2. Stay on top of emails.

Emails are always sent and received in business operations. You can continue to do so even when you are not in the office with the help of a mobile data plan for your phone.

This will provide you with Internet access and the ability to frequently check and send emails, which may contain important information, even when you are on the move.

You can provide your employees with the same ability, too, by getting them their own mobile data plan. With mobile Internet, they can also stay on top of correspondence as they are accomplishing their assigned tasks outside of the workplace.

3. Market

No business should overlook the marketing possibilities offered by a mobile phone.

Work with a digital marketing agency and you can expect to be presented with a suite of advertising and marketing strategies that you can perform on your phone.

Seasoned digital marketers say that creating surveys, contests, and buzz on social media platforms are a breeze to carry out on a phone.

Not only those, you can create vlogs, which netizens are quite into when it comes to staying updated with businesses they like. The video cam on your phone is perfect for quick and raw vlogs.

It is worth mentioning, too, that you can take pictures to promote your business using your phone. You can share these images on Instagram right away, but if you wish to edit them a bit to serve a marketing objective, there are several apps for the job. Some of the best apps for editing photos are VSCO, FaceTune 2, and AfterLight.

4. Keep an eye on the competition.

If your phone provides you Internet connection on-the-go, you can use your free time during travel to find out what your competition is doing. Do some sleuthing to see the developments with their offerings and compare them with what your own business is doing.

Keeping tabs on businesses similar to yours is important for competitiveness, and conducting this kind of research is easier with your phone.

5. Play music.

This may seem like just a randomly thrown in way to use your phone for improved business performance. However, countless studies reveal that certain types of music can actually boost brain performance.

Classical music and jazz are often used to improve work focus.

Instrumental music, on the other hand, can help relax the body and mind.

Favourite tunes, meanwhile, can improve mood, increase energy and happiness.

So, play music in the workplace using your phone to put you in the “zone” of physical and mental readiness. There are different music apps to choose from. You have Pandora, Shazam, Spotify and Anghami Plus if you happen to live in Iraq.

Maximise smartphone technology for your business

As mobile phone technology continues to grow, you can expect to do even more with your phone to help your business.

Perhaps in the future, you may use AR to create a phone app for your store, just like what IKEA has done. Or, you can use 3D technology for your interior design business app so you can work more closely with your clients.

Clearly, there are still many other possibilities. The five ones rounded up above are just a few ways to get you started on using your phone more for your operations if you have limited smartphone use to its basic functions.