8 fun activities for the school summer holidays that will save you money

Keep everyone occupied without breaking the bank.

Although it’s often wonderful to have all the family together during the summer, keeping kids occupied in the holidays can end up proving expensive. However, you don’t have to blow the budget this June – August as there are plenty of summer holidays activities that are affordable and enjoyable too.

Here are the favourite 8 summer activities according to the guys at the Solution Loans Money Blog:

  1. Anything that involves water. It’s amazing how happy kids are by water in the summer. It could be a local lido, a paddling pool in the garden or a river or lake – for the cheapest option to keep everyone occupied when the weather is good, find your local watering hole and pack some towels.
  2. Look for free learning opportunities. Summer is the time when many schools and clubs open their doors to juniors who are looking to try out new skills and experiences and test for natural aptitude. Browse the websites of your local sports clubs, football teams, language schools and theatres to see what free learning opportunities there are for your kids.
  3. Take the family on a treasure hunt. If your kids love adventure and you’re keen to get everyone outside this summer then go Geocaching. Once you’ve signed up with the geocaching website you’ll have access to hundreds of “geocaches” that are hidden in locations around the world. All you need to find them is a GPS. The “treasure” you’ll uncover inside is often a toy or game, which is a great way to motivate the kids to get involved.
  4. Create your own summer camp. If you have a garden and friends with children in the neighbourhood then pool your resources to create your own mini version of a summer camp. This will take the pressure off the parents to occupy a whole brood every day and also gives children guaranteed playmates for the summer.
  5. Support your local library. For rainy days, or kids who will sit for hours if they have a good book, there is nothing that beats the local library. You can hire audio books, DVDs and music from most libraries, as well as a wide selection of books for most reader’s tastes. It costs nothing (or very little) to borrow from the library but there are enough resources to keep everyone entertained for hours.
  6. Look out for cheap deals and offers (see here). From theme parks to safari parks, many of the most appealing attractions tend to offer deals and discounts during the summer months. Keep an eye on what’s available and then schedule some trips with the family when the discounts are at their most appealing.
  7. Visit a local farm. Many working farms are open to having visitors and will charge a flat fee for a family to wander around and see the farm and the animals there. You can introduce the children to the cows and pigs and teach them a bit about where their food comes from at the same time.
  8. Teach your favourite recipes. Learning to cook with a parent is something that many of us have as a lasting memory and is also a cheap and easy way to give kids something to do over the summer. If you really want to motivate kids in the kitchen then ask them to create their own food for a special themed picnic you can enjoy once the food prep is done.