Advantages of the Ceramic Beer Mug

Beer Connoisseurs will be the first people to explain why various types of beer glasses are better to drink from than a ceramic beer mug.  The ceramic mug has its own unique beer drinking advantages.

 First, the ceramic beer mug is perfect for an advertising piece.  To have one’s company logo or even a city name emblazoned on the side of a beer mug can be a terrific way to get the name seen by the general beer drinking public, or even those milling around the general beer drinking public.  Not to mention, the emblazoned name could be an excellent way to start a conversation with someone.  For example; one notices the logo and exclaims “hey, I notice your mug has the ‘X city’ symbol.  Were you there for business or pleasure?”.  Next thing, a full on conversation ensues.  Most likely, a new friendship is born.  One can say that the beer mug helps to create friendships.

 Secondly, many actual beer steins from Germany are actually ceramic beer mugs.  The beer stein has a hinged cover over the top and the mug itself most likely is adorned with a scene or artwork of some sort.  The cover was originally for keeping impurities out of the beer while being consumed in a social setting.  Not only does the lid keep impurities out of the beer, but the lid and the mug itself shield the sediment and other by-products from the view of the drinker especially when drinking unfiltered beer.  This was especially the case earlier in brewing history when filtering wasn’t commonplace.  Today, a segment of homebrewers don’t use filtering, so the ceramic beer mug may be a great option for them.  Germans by the way may not have invented beer, but they certainly fine tuned beer and the way people drink it.

 Ceramic beer mugs typically have a handle on the side.  This handle is a convenience when it comes to carrying beer around while drinking it.  This handle also serves another functional purpose that may be of utmost importance on a hot and sunny day.  Instead of wrapping warm 98.6 degree hands around the mug of beer keeping it warm, the hands can still handle the mug without wrapping them around it and warming it up.  Not much is better than an ice cold beer after working on a hot day.  

 Ceramic beer mugs are just naturally a great insulator.  They are excellent for keeping the beer at the optimum drinking temperature.  

 Besides the above factors, drinking beer from a ceramic beer mug actually has a somewhat primal feel.  The handle feels right, the beer temperature feels right, and in the appropriate atmosphere the atmosphere feels even more right.  It almost feels like it’s the way that beer is made to be drunk.  

 So, lift a ceramic beer mug up into the air and drink beer the way it’s meant to be drunk!