Before and After Breast Augmentation: What You Should Expect

Have you made the decision to have breast augmentation surgery? If the answer is yes, then you are one step closer to feeling better about your body. From your initial consultation to the end result, it’s critical that you find a practice with expert staff and board-certified plastic surgeons.


The overall goal of the initial consultation is to leave the appointment with a better understanding of what you want regarding the implant type and size. In the beginning, the surgeon will take different measurements of your anatomy to see what implants will fit. Then, you’ll be fitted with a special bra. During the consultation, your surgeon should explain the entire process, what to expect following surgery and thoroughly answer all of your questions.

Breast augmentation involves a lot of considerations, but the most important is finding a plastic surgeon and clinic you can trust; Waverley House breast augmentation surgery, has a team of highly specialised staff with years of experience in dealing with breast surgery patients.

Pre-op appointment

In some plastic surgery practices, when you schedule in for surgery you will also be asked to book a pre-op appointment up to two weeks prior to your operation. Here you will go over the logistics of what will happen the day of your breast augmentation, get your prescriptions and have your pre-op photos taken.

Day of surgery

Be at least an hour early and bring a friend or family member who can drive you home after the procedure. You will meet the anaesthetist, who will ask you questions about your general health and previous experiences with anaesthesia so that he or she can give you just the right treatment. A registered nurse will explain to you as well as your helper how you should care for yourself following your breast augmentation surgery.

When you enter the operating room, you’ll be injected with an IV that will transfer your medicine anaesthetic. The surgery will take approximately an hour, and you won’t recall anything.

Post-op appointment

The day following your surgery, you’ll meet with your surgeon again, who will assess how you are feeling, check your bandages and ensure that everything is going as it should.

One week following your surgery

Bodies that are overall healthy have the power to heal quickly. After one week, you’ll see the surgeon again and have your wounds examined. Most of the time, there are no sutures that need removing — they’re all internal and dissolve.

Three months after surgery

At the three month mark, you will visit the surgeon one more time, and during this appointment, a nurse will take a photo of your brand new breasts—the moment that indeed signifies that your breast augmentation journey is over.