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Best Four Unique And Luxurious Wooden Home

Unique trends and styles are coming in the architecture. Some opt for the solid concrete construction, where glasses play a significant role. Many of them also prefer enhancing the exterior design making it look interesting.

But, nothing could take over a house made of wood. Therefore, today in this article we are going to look over different kind of houses built of wood, which are unique and beautiful.   

  1. Victorian and Contemporary Style Wooden Home

Victorian architecture is everyone’s favourite. It refers to arches and patterns that are pointed but designed asymmetrically. The Victorian home consists of one common element that brick. But when you combine it with a contemporary style of home, then you get a taste of modern, royalty and simplicity.

The walls will consist of the neutral hue and bold decor items for a brilliant backdrop. High ceilings, wooden flooring, and bare windows will brighten up the look. Ensure you get the flooring, which is natural, and have patterns that stand out.  

  1. Log Cabin Wood Home

Log cabin homes are stunning. Surrounded by lush green trees, one feels tranquillity. The look of a cabin with distinct colours becomes the eye-catcher for everyone.

As much as the log cabin homes look beautiful, they are dramatic from inside. An inviting fireplace with antique and vintage furnishing decors is the marvellous option. An authentic log cabin will be incomplete without wooden flooring to make it look authentic.

  1. Wooden Farmhouse

For someone who loves rustic as much as the modern interior, then a wooden farmhouse style is definitely you need to have. The best part about having a wooden farmhouse is you get a feeling of being at real home surrounded with lush green scenery.

You can have the interior according to your style by according to your choices. You can even mix the modern with traditional interior, thereby making some of your favourite corners cozy.

  1. Scandinavian Wooden Home

Scandinavian is gradually becoming everyone’s favourite choice of home. Cozy, minimalistic, white and wooden flooring makes it a great option for everyone. For a wow factor in the home, you can add artistic decor items at some of your favourite corners. Best part about Scandinavian interior is it brings the natural light into the home.