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Checklist when Moving Across the Country

Moving is one of the most stressful things because there is a lot that you need to do, and often times you have less time to do it. Many people end up forgetting some things and realize it when it is too late. Moving is not a simple thing, and you can ask anyone who has had to move before. Before you decide to move, you should know what you need to do because it makes the process a little easier. Many people make the mistake of not planning, and they end up regretting.

There is a lot that will go into the process of moving, and it is important to know what the process entails. Proper planning is an important aspect of any project or move, and having it before moving will help you know what you are getting yourself into. You will have a rough idea of what to expect and this means you will be able to prepare yourself. With the right plan, you should have an easier time moving. If you find it hard to do it on your own, consider hiring a moving company. You will still need to do some work, but it will be less. Below is a checklist you can use when moving across the country.

Decide on the items you are moving

If you have been living in your current home for a long period of time, there is a good chance you have accumulated a lot of things over the years, and there are some that you no longer want or use. Many people try moving with things they no longer use, and what this does is add the costs. You will also have more things to deal with. There is no need to spend a lot of money on things you don’t need. You can sell the things and use the money to pay for part of the moving. You should begin this process as early as possible. There are some things you can also buy once you have moved.

Getting the packing supplies in order

Getting the packing supplies in order will help in making things easier for you. You should start doing this early, and this will involve getting the boxes, packing material, and shipping tape all in one place. There is nothing worse than stopping your packing because you ran out of boxes. You should do an estimate of how many boxes are going to be needed for your stuff. Many of the big box home improvement stores and office supply stores sell packing materials.

Using up perishable items

There are things you will not be able to move to your new house, and one of those things are perishable items. If you try moving these perishable items, you end up not using them because they did not arrive in the condition you were expecting, and it would have used space, which adds up. Planning weeks before moving will ensure you buy a supply that will be enough to the day you move. Some perishable items you should try using up before you move include frozen food, paint, household cleaners, and bug sprays.

Ensuring that all the furniture is going to fit

If your furniture pieces are large, you need to get the measurements of the doorways of the new house so that you can be sure that the furniture is going to fit. There are some people who did not know what to do because they moved to their new home and then realize that their sofa or piano is not able to fit in the doorway. This can end up being expensive because you might be forced to make adjustments to your doorway or get a storage space that you can use to store your stuff, which is a waste because you are not using your stuff.

Starting packing

There are many people who usually wait till the last minute before they decide to move, but this is not a good idea. The earlier you get started, the better for you. It is never too early to get started packing when you plan on moving across the country. You can break down the process into different categories, then pack each of them, and by the time the day of moving comes, you will have done everything. The first things are those that you have not been using in months and you won’t be using any time soon. Once you are done with them, you will move to the things that you use after a couple of weeks. The final things to pack are those that you use on a daily basis. You can note down what you have packed so you have a place to refer to. Labeling the boxes will make the unpacking easy.

Changing the address

Another important thing to do when moving across the country is changing your address with the post office and any other company that you do business with. This will include the insurance company, your brokerage, the credit card company, and others. Doing this while you have time is important because you will be able to deal with all the issues before the moving day.

Confirming arrangements with the moving company

You need to make a call to the moving company a couple of days before the day so you will be able to confirm the details of your move (this includes places, times, cots, etc.). This is also the point when you make a payment arrangement with the moving company. If there are any issues about the move, you will be able to iron it with the moving company.

Contacting utility companies and change address

You need to make sure that you have lights, water, and heat when you get to your new home. You should contact both the utility companies of your current place and also where you are moving to. Calling your existing utility companies is important because they will be able to disconnect or transfer the utilities to the new owner’s name. You also need to remember to change your address at www.changeofaddressnearme.com.