Cleveland Trip Memories: Places for Ideal Photos  

When you arrive in Cleveland, you will ask yourself for UsedCarsNearMe: “Where does everything come from?”A relatively small city, modest, quiet, cozy, but with a mass of cultural attractions and interesting places. Of course, all travelers, returning home, want to enjoy beautiful and unusual photos from the trip. However, it does not always work. Whether a background is not that one, or foreshortening.

For this reason, we have prepared a list of the best places for excellent photo shoots:

Public Square is a great place to relax in walking distance to Lake Erie and a view of the skyscrapers. In Downtown, there is a magnificent area – Civic Center. In the very center is the Eriview Plaza with a number of similar administrative buildings, green squares, flower lawns, a city stadium and unusual mirror sculptures. Walking along the stairs, you will have an excellent panorama of the river, the embankment and the port. Just imagine what extraordinary photos can be made in these places?

You can walk from the main square to the promenade through the beautiful alley Cleveland Mall, surrounded by buildings in the style of neo-classicism. In the middle of the alley is a kind of military memorial The Fountain of Living Life, which personifies the desire of people to live in peace. Very original background for interesting photos!

Not far from the square directly on the grass is the Free Stamp sculpture – the biggest seal in the world. It was set as a gift to the city by the oil industry workers For Free. It’s funny, but these words are written on this sculpture. This stamp is one of the main places for photo shoots.

Perhaps, anyone who has anything to do with world rock music knows, heard something about an incredible place in Cleveland. Right on the shore of Lake Erie, at 1100 Rock and Roll Blvd Boulevard, flaunts the ultramodern building – the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Even a curious tourist who, let’s say, is not enthusiastic about rock music, is sure to come here. The exterior of the building, as well as its interior, will definitely set an excellent background for non-standard photos.

The Terminal Tower is one of the tallest buildings outside of New York. On the 42nd floor of the Terminal Tower, there is an observation deck. Selfie-photo or just a photo of a city from a bird’s eye view will be more than incredible. Downstairs in the square near the skyscraper is a free evening movie screening. The top of the Tower Tower is visible from all parts of downtown. Earlier, the brightly shining Terminal Tower served as a reference point for ships and planes arriving to the local airport for a long time. The lighting scheme often changes its colors according to city holidays and important events.

Visiting Red Clay State Historic Park and Caesars Head State Park you will find many beautiful places where nature has worked well and created unusual landscapes. Flower beds and flower lanes, fountains, ponds, benches in the shade of branchy trees will also look good on the photo.

In the University Circle area is the Cleveland Museum of Art – one of the best art museums in the United States. The entrance for viewing permanent collections is free. The museum has extensive collections of pre-Columbian art, medieval European art, Indian and Asian art. Make a couple of vivid photos in this historic sanctuary!

Do not forget that for comfortable driving it is better to use services of car rental in Cleveland airport. Lucky photo shoots!