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Common Tools Used To Pick Locks

Every one, at some point or the other would have faced situations where they have been locked out of their own car or room or house or even office! Trying to pick a lock is easier than you think. All you need are the right tools. Not necessarily sophisticated ones.

This is a guide on how to pick locks with the tools that you can find around you.

Rake: A rake is any metal rod or bar that has peaks and troughs or just a properly finished end. A rake basically is used to push the pins that hold the lock in place. There are different types of locks. The number of pins are always variable. Some simple locks have one or two pins while complex lock mechanisms can have as many as ten or twelve pins.

It is good to know the kind of lock that you are dealing with. If you do not know, fret not. Insert your rake in to the key hole and feel it with kinesthetic sense. Feel all around, and you will stumble across the pins that are there.

Using the rake, start pushing the pins in the right direction and you shall set the lock free in no time.

Hook: A hook serves the purpose of pushing the levers that hold the lock, locked. The hook to be used depends on the shape and size of the key and the keyhole. Since it works wonders because of its half S or hook shape, it really works wonders.

Half diamond: any tool with its tip shaped like a half diamond, will help picking locks. Since it has two sharp corners, it will help you fell where the pins are located simultaneously, so that you will have a better idea, where the pins and located and how many pins are there. Since one side is a slope, it helps to slide past any levers that could prove to obstruct the tool from touching the pins.

Tension wrench: any object that is has an end with a 90 degree bend, can be used as a wrench. The right amount of tension has to be created in order to release the levers holding the pins and thus the lock in place. The only way to find out how much tension is required is by trying to feel the movements inside the lock.

You will feel the pin biting and the levers moving. This is a sign that you are going the right way to unlock the lock. Feel for the movements inside the lock. Pay attention to the direction of movement and the shape of the part that is moving. That way you will be able to visualize how to unlock the particular lock that you are working with.

Look around you and see what could be of use- paper clips, gem clips, hair pins, small sturdy wires, etc.

Time to try what you now know. Happy lock picking! But if you need a locksmith service to come by and pick your lock for you then that might just be the best idea of the day!