Development Editors are necessary for your manuscript

Whether you are writing a book, an article, or a short story, you need to have someone who can look up to the core of your manuscript, and point out your grammatical errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors, etc.This is where the developmental editor, comes in play. Whichever book, you have read; chances are highly likely that it had gone through a phase of developmental editing. If your manuscript loses its focus, a developmental editor will tack you on the right path. In a nutshell, developmental editor focuses on the structure and content of the book. There are several habits that you need to adapt, to work with a developmental editor.

Let the developmental editor be your critic:

It’s quite hard to let a person rearrange your work back, because it’s something that you have written with all your heart in, but you need to take into account the suggestions by your DE, as they know what genre you are targeting through your writing, and where you are losing track of your story. You need to make it lucid to your DE, what you want to express through your story, how it could influence people, etc. So, DE can examine if the story or article has required ingredients to work.

The developmental editor can add a flavor to your writing:

So, you have completed the writing part for your book, or article or short story, and you are all excited to get it published. But there is one more point to consider, it still lacks flavor at certain points, that no other than the DE, can point it out for you. You need to be unequivocal with your DE, so he can easily understand what you feel emotional about the story. Understand the fact, that developmental editing is not something as finding errors in your manuscript, it is all about feeling the right way, that readers should feel while reading your content.