Did you know? Online poker helped a young man to travel the four corners of the world

Online poker champion Dale Philip’s story is in the headlines these days. His ability to beat the world’s best poker players helped him stay away from 9 to 6 office job for several years.  High-stakes online poker rooms were his office for more than six years.

Used online poker to fund his adventure trip while on the go

As reported by The Independent, Philip quit his job in the IT sector and decided to dedicate his complete time to the online gaming. The young man from Edinburgh made around £10,000 per month and traveled to 50 nations around the world during the six years timeframe. He returned to the UK before few months to draw his new plans.

He left his hometown back in 2010 and made Thailand his base during the initial days as he loves socializing and meeting new people. Thailand is relatively stable and offers a wide range of hotels with stable internet connectivity. After a few months, Dale found it difficult to even think about giving up his new lifestyle and going for 9 to 6 job again. His income from online gaming sites was more than sufficient to support this new life.

Surprisingly, he was able to recover his food, accommodation, and flight ticket expenditure by playing poker for just a few hours each day.

While exploring Asian countries, his primary concern was finding a hotel with stable internet connectivity.

A poker player can lose the whole pot if he or she loses internet connectivity. At times, Dale Philip found that even highly rated hotels failed to offer excellent high-speed internet, especially, during evening time due to a high number of users getting connected at the same time.  According to his experience, hotels in Cambodia and Vietnam offer better internet service to their customers compared to the ones in Spain and Australia.

Dwindling profits and a ban on some of the sites

After living like the rich and famous during the last six years, now Philip seems worried due to the crisis that the online gaming industry is facing.

Since the US Justice Department’s action against online gambling, several countries have made online poker illegal. Thus, gaming rooms are becoming lesser profitable for the operators as well as other players.

It is tough to beat the existing players in the room because more of them are experienced, with a higher level of ability. Sites have increased their fee per pot and reduced the rewards for players to recover their losses. Only a few of them operate like Judi Online and offer exciting rewards.  Due to this, Dale’s income has come down from £10,000 to £2,000 per month.

But, the young man is not willing to give up his freedom easily. He plans to try his luck with another adventure trip in Asia once again and try playing in poker rooms that are accessible only to players logging-in from Asia.