Distribution of Water Through Pumps

Water serves as the basic requirement for the existence of life. Distributing water all around the globe is done effectively through pipes from the various water supplies such as rivers, canals, dams,  or deep wells. This water is brought to the cities via aqueducts.  The water distribution must be done with sufficient pressure to deliver the water through various outlets. This pressure needed for water distribution is provided by Water Booster Pump. The NewYork Engineers provides expert plumbing solution with efficiency and durability.

Water Booster Pump is a machine which increases the pressure of the fluid so that the fluid can get to higher floors of the buildings. The minimum flow rate and pressure have already been specified by the government for various type of fixtures. The NewYork Engineers facilitates solutions if the water supply doesn’t have the required pressure and flow rate for plumbing outlets. Typically, these pumps are used in the system where water contamination is very low. The need for water booster pumps is determined by examining the destination point for the water. If the water is to be sent to the commercial building which is usually taller than houses and societies, the need for the pumps increases comparatively as the water pressure has to be maintained up to the highest floor of the building.

The NewYork Engineers follows plumbing code that specifies that the booster pumps must be provided with a low pressure cut off switch to prevent the creation of a vacuum in case the pressure on the suction side will become less than 10 psi. Cavitation can also occur in case of negligence of negative pressure that can cause shockwaves and damage the pump and its motor resulting in failure of the machine. So, the NewYork Engineers make sure that the services are available to every customer 24×7.