Do You Feel Safe in Your Home?

How safe would you say you feel in your home?

For some homeowners and renters, they do not feel as safe as they should. As a result, going home each day can mean a little bit of trepidation.

For you to feel safer in your home, it is important you have as much security as possible.

So, could you feel safer in your home?

Take Steps to Improve Home Safety

In working to improve the safety in your home, remember a few pointers:

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  1. Criminals always learn – Note that criminals are always trying to come up with new tricks. As a result, it is important for you as a homeowner or renter to stay a step ahead of them. Do all you can to know where criminals have the most likelihood of striking and how they plan to go about it.
  2. Keeping doors and windows locked – While you do not have to live in a bubble, use some commonsense. For one, do not leave doors and windows unlocked on a bottom floor. It is one thing to leave a window on a second or third floor unlocked. Unless a criminal has access to a ladder, chances are they are not getting in. That said your windows and doors should be in the locked mode even when you are home. Too many people make the mistake of leaving a screen door unlocked or a bottom floor window wide open. Before they know it, someone could slip into their home without their knowledge.
  3. Be careful at night – Many home invasions take place in the evening hours after the sun has gone down. As such, make sure you are safe and secure now of day. You want to have the proper lighting around your home. That would be hard for someone to try and get in without notice.
  4. Having someone watch your home for safety – Do you have a wireless home security system in place? If you do not, now would be the time to start investigating which one would be best for your home protection. You can do a SimpliSafe home security review and reviews of other top providers. Find the home protection provider to best protect you, loved ones, and of course your property.
  5. Don’t make mistakes when away – One of the mistakes homeowners and renters make is when they are away from home. For example, they go on social media and tell anyone willing to listen that they are on a trip. Unfortunately, many criminals watch over social networking. They do this on a regular basis looking for such information. When the homeowner or renter comes home, they find their home has had a visitor or visitors they did not invite. Now, it may have happened anyway. More times than not, it was because they announced they were away and the home sat empty.

In doing all you can to feel safe at home, make sure you are not leaving any stone unturned.