Drug Rehab in New Jersey: What You Need to Know

If you’re struggling with addiction yourself or are trying to help a loved one who is battling addiction, you may be anxiously wondering what resources are out there. Choosing sobriety is a tough but brave decision, and having the proper support can lighten your load as you navigate a sober life. Read on to learn more about the available types of drug rehab in New Jersey and what you’ll need to do to begin your treatment journey.

What Services are Available?

When you think of drug rehab in New Jersey, you may think of inpatient detox programs—and for those with work and family obligations, committing to an inpatient stay can seem like a major logistical hurdle. But there are a number of flexible options that can work with just about any lifestyle.

Intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOPs) require a high level of commitment from attendees. Instead of living in a dormitory-style rehab facility, participants will be involved in a structured program that meets several times per week and focuses on identifying and avoiding triggers and addressing relapses.

Partial care programs provide clients with the opportunity to have any withdrawal symptoms or other health issues stabilized through clinic visits several times per week. These programs are sort of a hybrid between IOPs and inpatient treatment, and can be ideal for those with busy lifestyles who can’t manage residential treatment but need some more intensive therapy.

Outpatient programs meet several times per week and can be a good option for those who are in the recovery process or who otherwise don’t require monitoring around the clock.

Aftercare services provide clients with the tools and building blocks they need to successfully reintegrate into society. From job applications to sober housing, aftercare can be the bridge between attending drug rehab in New Jersey and getting your new sober start.

Where Should You Begin?

The road to sobriety begins with a single step—and as many have found, the first steps of admitting you might have a problem and contacting a treatment center for assistance can be the toughest ones of all.

Whether you know you’ve hit your personal rock bottom and are ready to move forward or you’re still not quite sure what’s next in your life, but aren’t happy with the way you’ve been living, contact a drug rehab in New Jersey like BlueCrest Recovery Center to immediately get in touch with experienced drug and alcohol addiction counselors. These compassionate and trained professionals can answer your questions and hopefully soothe any fears or anxieties you might have about the thought of entering treatment. For more information, visit our website or call our helpline at (973) 453-5384 today.