Everything women need to know about heart health

In Australia, the rate of heart disease is increasing rapidly, affecting thousands of men and women each year, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

The Heart Foundation of Australia said heart disease is the number one killer of women in the nation and estimates one Australian suffers a heart attack every 10 minutes.

To help understand how you can reduce your risk of heart disease, here’s some health advice from the home doctor team at House Call Doctor.

Heart disease in Australia

According to the Heart Foundation of Australia, heart disease claims the lives of four times as many victims than breast cancer each year.

The Heart Foundation also stated heart disease is the single leading cause of death in Australia, with a death every 28 minutes in 2017, or 51 deaths every day.

Reducing the risk of heart disease

Many risk factors associated with heart disease are manageable, particularly those linked to a healthy lifestyle.

Some tips to lowering your risk of heart disease include:

  • Eating a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables, dairy or dairy alternatives, unsaturated fats and oils, meat, protein, eggs and fish.
  • Exercising regularly, but it’s important to not exercise too strenuously if your body isn’t used to it. Increase the time and difficulty of exercises each time, whether it be walking, weight lifting or running.
  • Monitoring your cholesterol and blood pressure. Make sure to regularly book check ups with your doctor to ensure your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are normal.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol. If possible, avoid cigarettes and alcoholic drinks as much as possible. If you regularly drink or smoke, start by limiting your consumption each week rather than quitting immediately.

If you’re concerned about your heart health, consult with your regular doctor for further information.