Five reasons employee monitoring software is making a comeback

Modern user activity monitoring software is incredibly flexible and provides businesses with the information they need and the protection they need. When examining three key use cases, it’s clear that employee monitoring software is the correct tool for our digital era.

Protection of intellectual property

Modern employee monitoring software can help protect a company’s most valuable asset: its intellectual property. It is especially important for start-ups, a type of business that is based almost entirely on their unique ideas.

Tesla, anestablishedfirm with highly significant cultural and financial capital than related other companies, is struggling to contain the fallout of such a situation. The company has sued a former employee, Martin Tripp, accused of outsourcing Gigabyte corporate data, including photos and videos of its famous electric car.

Confidentiality of the data

The software protects privacy in many areas. It may be obvious that this protects customer data, an increasingly important component of privacy. No company wants to be the next Marriott or Equifax, and in a DSGVO world, this is not just a proposal of altruistic value. 2019 should be a year of compliance with the GDPR, resulting in fines and penalties for businesses that do not adequately protect customer information.

Process optimization

In reviewing the critical trends in the modern workforce, Harvard Business Review concluded, “At a time when so many companies are seeking to grow, senior executives need to build a productive mindset into their business and remove organizational barriers to the productivity of the workforce.”

Employee Monitoring Software can identify employee trends and inefficiencies of processes, enabling a data-driven, business-driven productivity model to increase business growth. By identifying and improving bottlenecks in the workflow, each organization can ensure that its people are properly working at the right time to the right task.

Friendly surveillance with privacy: a move in the right direction

Earlier versions of the employee monitoring software provided little control over the design and use. Of course, licensing laws governing privacy in the workplace have only aggravated the problem and encouraged employers to have no reservations about the implementation of this software.

In today’s business world, data breaches, loss of intellectual property and cybercrime are at the heart of the technology landscape. Employee monitoring software provides organizations with the ability to defend against this risk by detecting internal threats, preventing data loss, protecting intellectual property, and providing other cybersecurity benefits. Therefore, it is not surprising that nearly 80% of the largest companies do this using a kind of employee monitoringsolution. Employees now have an opinion ontheir monitoring situations. In particular, the software you once believed to have invaded your privacy now protects you.