Functional dresses for the summer months

Once the temperature increases throughout the summertime, you probably will be searching out outfits that might be a little more elegant than simply tossing on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts! Different dress styles from a Maxi to a Mini are the ideal solution. Different dress styles from a maxi to a mini are easy to dress yourself in, offer a feminine feel, are vibrant and breezy and perfect for all occasions. For any of those very good reasons, your wardrobe really should be the place to find a wide variety of summer season dresses, to ensure you always have one you are able to slip into for any occasion. Please read on for fantastic suggestions on what type of dress styles to feature in your closet to pull off that ultimate chilled summer vibe.

Floor-Length Dresses

Almost brushing the floor with your favorite full length maxi dress creates an amazingly snazzy and exquisite look, specifically for tall young ladies. A slimline full length gown in a solid single colour creates a stunning overall look and is especially easy to compliment by using fashion designer jewellery . High heels or a flat shoe work equally well with a maxi, and screams out for a top class face makeover.

Midi Dresses

For taller women, a midi dress is generally highly flattering. A trendy way to wear a midi these days is with a dazzling solid colour teamed up with flat shoes or ballet pumps with a statement bag. Midi Dresses can be found from places such as ax paris

The Flared

You can customise ones flared dress choice by picking a style that includes the precise details you like such as a flared wrap, asymmetric frill,  or long sleeve. Whether you fancy them around the arms, from the chest or a fit and flare that comes out from under the waist line. This means that there is a flared dress for every body’s shape, covering up those parts you don’t necessarily want on show.


Lace says all of it without even trying. There is no need for designer jewellery or other items, as lace does glamour and sophistication, bringing elegance each time it’s worn out. Go for a little lace garment for a much more casual day event, while selecting for length as well as elegance for an evening affair. Add an attention-getting lipstick colour and elegant sandals to finish off the look and feel.

Tailored Knee-Lengths

 For all those looking for a classy, dressy outfit, tailor-made knee-length dresses are a much-loved wardrobe essential. A dress tailored to fall just above the knee is the perfect selection for any events where only the very best is going to do, for instance wedding receptions, parties at work,visits to a wine bar, social networking or parties in the garden. The knee length really makes it an attractive, chic option if you’d choose not to go for the floor-length dress. The tailored knee length dress can be obtained in a wide variety of colours and hues, materials and styles, so there is something to suit any woman’s specifications.  Add a further layer of class by wearing a jacket which has been expertly tailored too.