Give Your Taste Buds a Treat with Folgers Coffee  

Coffee lovers find coffee to be very special and this easily brings a smile on their face. Whether it is early morning or the last before hitting the bed, it is always coffee for coffee lovers. Americans coffee taste is getting the higher end now. They are getting into the perfectly roasted beans, artisan coffee brewers, caffeinated concoctions, and more. However, surprisingly but true is that they are turning towards instant coffee.

Taste, this is just the beginning when referred to Folgers coffee that is also an undeniable success. In fact, the coffee brand story of Folgers dates to 1600s. This was the time when Folgers family left for England to hunt gold. Little would have anyone ever thought that the family name after nearly 44 years would be a household name in America among coffee lovers.

Folgers altered the style that Americans followed in drinking their coffee.  The improved liquid coffee also has great lovers. This is because the concentrate of liquid coffee has furfuryl acetate to the ratio values of 4-ethyl guaiacol and this ratio value ensures fresh brewed coffee.

There is no doubt that the instant coffee has taken it charm as it dissolves immediately in hot water and now there are many popular brands. Last year, the world consumed around $31 billion worth coffee and by 2018 it will drink over $35 billion. In fact the instant coffee accounts to over 34 percent of the brewed retail coffee received from the coffee machine. The rise is found to be substantial and steady.

The Folgers coffee the special concentrated liquid coffee is smooth featuring medium roast, low bitterness, mild acidity and also a pleasant but mild finish. It has no comparison to the espresso drinks that makes it complete with latte and cappuccino.  They are by origin Italian and are made with milk and espresso, but the differences created are done through barista craft, an important function.

Cappuccino is high owing to the barista’s craft. This rich, dark espresso lies under stretched and smooth thick foam layer. The baristas know when it has acquired a perfect balance of airy foam and lightness to offer it to coffee lovers and ensure the espresso is deeply delicious.  This coffee flavor with distinct layers is strong. The baristas craft the espresso layers with steamed milk and top it with foam light layer that the coffee flavor is subtle and the drink creamier.

Folgers classic coffee is a bold and nice flavor that it is perfect as everyday coffee. Folgers, in America has become one of the top selling brands that are popular for selling ground coffee in oversized buckets.

Folgers is coming with more flavors apart from the regular namely, house blend coffee, caramel drizzle, coffee, chocolate silk coffee, coffee black and more. Of course, there is the Hazelnut coffee, Cappuccino and the most preferred instant coffee.  The biggest advantage of having Folgers coffee is that the caffeine content falls within the guidelines of safety if you drink in the morning one or two cups.