Glo Pilates Online Classes

Health and fitness are very important aspects of a person’s life yet they are areas that are often overlooked. People are so busy that fitting in time to go to the gym is almost impossible. Not to mention the fact that gyms memberships can put a dent in your pocket, and that’s money you could be using toward other things.

There is a simple solution to this problem- try pilates online with Glo. With an expansive collection of workout videos and programs, you have the luxury of working out whenever and wherever fits your busy life. Take a look at some of the benefits a Glo subscription offers:

Variety of Styles

There are more than 4,000 classes on-demand and downloadable content. Such an extensive library provides a wealth of options. Whether you are looking for classes to improve as a runner or cyclist, would like to enjoy some prenatal exercise, need a workout while you are traveling for work, or you just want to enjoy some pilates classes, Glo has something for you.

Time Is Not An Issue

Glo is also an incredible tool for the busy user. It does not matter if you only have five minutes while your baby is napping or two hours on Saturday. No problem- Glo has you covered.

The large library of classes and categories also range in time from 5 to 120 minutes. With so many options, everyone can use Glo to meet their fitness goals.

An Instructor Just For You

Glo offers a large global network of instructors, so you can find one that fits your style and your experience level. Whether you are a beginner at pilates or have been practicing it for years, there is an instructor and a style that can help you reach your pilates and fitness goals.

Personalized Practice

The subscription offers an easy way for you to personalize your practice. By answering a few questions, Glo can help you find the perfect workouts and instructors for you.

An excellent part of doing this is that working out at home adds the convenience of doing it alone. You do not half to feel self-conscious in front of others, so you can work on your personalized workout until you are comfortable with it.


At the time of this writing, Glo is offering monthly membership at an incredibly low $18 per month. This is cheaper than most gym memberships. It is also less than most people spend on their morning cup of coffee or at the drive-thru for two people.

Give It A Go

Glo is currently offering a 15-day free trial for you to see if it is a good fit for you. You can cancel at any time before the trial ends or any time after, as you are not locked into a contract.

If focusing more on your health and fitness and cutting out expensive gym memberships are priorities for you, Glo could be the answer. Consider giving it a trial- you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.