Groom Yourself With Our New Lipstick Collection

Women are always cautious about their makeup, but the most important part of a women’s makeup is lipstick. Urban Decay Vice lipstick brings you brand new set of lipsticks which are available on our online websites. Vice lipstick is one of our most excellent products and is certified by professionals. The finish is quite excellent and it lasts for a long time so there is no need to reapply again and again.

We prefer not to use chemicals in our products as we know lipsticks and other items of make-up are applied to highly sensitive areas of the body. Our products are solely created from natural extract, and no extra color is added to enhance its appearance. Some companies tend to use additive colors to improve the performance of their lipsticks but it comes with harmful chemicals which may damage your skin.

A lot to look forward to

Urban Decay gives you the nocturnal vice lipstick in 3 different shades. It comes with a special discount of more than 50% which is like a dream offer for our consumers. It is also highly recommended by our existing customers. It is designed to be used during night outs. It is quite noticeable and is perfectly suited for night outs and parties. Our best seller vice lipstick comes in over 100 shades.

VICE ultimate pair and NAGEL vice lipstick are one of our limited edition which can be bought by our customers by simply visiting our website. These lipsticks can withstand water and are smudge free. It does not spread when applied. Urban decay vice lipstick is tested for all kind of possibilities and is quite long lasting.

Why shop with us?

We promise you to deliver what we say; we don’t believe in making any false commitments and try to deliver the promised products within the allotted time. Urban decay vice lipsticks are always trustworthy because we believe in customer satisfaction. We always look to improve the quality of our products, and we are well aware of the trends so that our products can keep up with them.

Vice lipsticks are delivered all across Malaysia with a minimum order of RM200 if you want to get free delivery. We also give special attention to our new customers by giving them an additional 10% discount on their first order. Once you are registered with us you can receive reward points whenever you shop with us.