How IntechOpen is Propelling Open Access Books in Engineering

Open Access books have been available for some time, but when it comes to natural sciences, there’s still a lot of work to be done before books in these fields become widely available.

IntechOpen is set to change that and help engineers and researchers publish their work and get the benefits of peer-reviewed content, allowing for a faster spread of information and engineering knowledge around the world.

Knowledge Unlatched & IntechOpen Partnership

In 2018, Knowledge Unlatched and IntechOpen partnered in an attempt to support open access books in engineering.

Knowledge Unlatched in an online platform that uses a crowdfunding model to support open access books and journals and make them available to readers around the world. IntechOpen is a collaborative environment of scientists and the world’s leading publisher of open access books.

Using KU’s crowdfunding model, Knowledge Unlatched and IntechOpen hope to publish around 300 open access books in the engineering field.

Authors have shown a high interest in open access books because of their freely usable content and affordable publishing price. Because of IntechOpen and Knowledge Unlatched, academics will not be required to pay for the article processing charges (APC’s).

Joining forces with KU and libraries, IntechOpen will make it possible to distribute engineering content and make it available to the public for free. Moreover, libraries will now be able to provide financial support to academics and allow them to publish new titles in open access.

Libraries, Knowledge Unlatched, and IntechOpen together will have an amazing impact on the scientific community by distributing knowledge and information through open access.

Benefits of Open Access Books in Engineering

Open access brings many advantages to all scientific fields, including engineering. IntechOpen currently has over 4000 peer-reviewed open access books, with almost 2000 in the fields of Physical Science, Engineering and Technology.

It’s their belief that scientific progress is fueled by collaboration between scientists and the dissemination of knowledge. So, open access in engineering can bring many benefits.

  • Compared to non-OA books, Open Access journals are downloaded 7 times more

For authors of engineering texts, this can have a greater impact on their career, since their work is more widely available to everyone around the world. Open access texts and journals are cited more often as well, making academics more visible to a wider audience.

  • Publishing Costs

Publishing an open access book is much more affordable than a traditional book.

  • Types of Content

When authors of engineering books publish an open access text, they have more options as to how they will present their findings. They can use any type of digital content, not just text. Authors can include audio and video content, illustrations, and images that better explain their research.

IntechOpen and Knowledge Unlatched are set to propel open access books in engineering and make them widely available to readers everywhere.